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    How to Start a videocall with AT commands

    at command for video call Hi ! I have an UMTS modem and I want to made a video call. How I can do this ? I have searched into AT commands but I haven't found anything Thanks !
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    Putting into sleep mode and waking up RS 485 transceiver

    RS 485 wake up problem Hi ! I have the following question: I have to do a network of devices based on PICmicro. This network in a RS485 and the device is battery powered. For save the battery I put in sleep mode the PIC micro and I want that when there's a RS485 comunication all pic wake...
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    Problem with LTC 6915 and negative voltage value

    LTC 6915 problem Hi ! I have a problem with the linear tecnologies's IC LTC6915. We used it for amplifier the output signal of a Wheatstone bridge , and this output can be negative. For this reason we used a voltage regulator of 1,25 V connected with the Ref. Pin. But if I put...
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    1-wire Search ROM routine

    one wire search rom Hi ! in my case I had to interface some 1-wire devices with a Microchip PIC, for did it I used a PIC's PIN , without any Transport DS2484. If you want I can post you my code, it works well . The only thing that you have to do is to adapt it to your requirements .. Regards
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    mini motorcycle rpm counter

    motorcycle rpm counter Hi ! I have to do a rpm counter for a mini motorcycle. I have to take a signal from the coil of motor and put it inside a microcontroller, but I don't know the features of this signal and then I can't design a signal contitional block. The only thing that I know is...
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    RTD conversion formula

    pt100 formula Hi ! Does someone knows where I can found the conversion formula of RTD from resistance to temperature and vice versa ? Thanks
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    ds2760 for thermocouples measurement

    Hi ! I tried to use the ds2760 IC for thermocouples measurement. I found this project in the follow Maxim application notes: https://www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/991 The ICs have some points of no linearity, and this points is different from IC to IC. I...
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    1-wire Search ROM routine

    search rom Hi ! I have to interface a PIC to a 1-wire bus with 3 devices. I have just used some 1-wire devices , but I haven't used a 1-wire bus. Has anybody done a 1-wire Search ROM routine ? If it's possible , can you post me your source code ? Tnx
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    An internet site about Battery

    Hello ! Does anybody know an Internet site who talk about batteries types with their characteristics and their employment ? Thanks
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    How to make a circuit with one exit using AD420 IC ?

    Re: Static rele It's true, but with this solution I can't set the exit type via software. In fact if I understand what you say, I must put the resistance on the current exit, if I want a voltage exit, instead if I want a current exit the resistance is not necessary.
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    How to make a circuit with one exit using AD420 IC ?

    Static rele Hi ! I have the following problem: I have an IC ( AD420 ) with 2 different exit , a current exit , usually 4-20 mA and a voltage exit, usually 0-5 V . I want to do a circuit with only one exit , where I can select the exit type via software, but for do this I must...
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    How to access the AD8555 register using PIC microcontroller?

    Re: ad 8555 My memory fails... You have reason, after the end packet I can read the output of AD8555. But my problem remain. I don't read a correct value.. Now I'll try to check the Vdd Value . Thanks for now. Added after 4 hours 9 minutes: I think, It was a bad voltage regulator...
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    How to access the AD8555 register using PIC microcontroller?

    Re: ad 8555 It's true , "It dosnt look that difficult" .... I use a scope for debug and I'm sure that I send the 38 bit correctly. But when I use the reading function, I see that the IC doesn't respond correctly. The response must start , if I have a good memory, after the 2 dummy bit ...
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    How to access the AD8555 register using PIC microcontroller?

    Re: ad 8555 You are step ahead... Thanks for yours illuminate councils !!!
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    How to access the AD8555 register using PIC microcontroller?

    ad 8555 Hi ! Someone has used the IC AD8555 from analog device, with a PIC microcontroller ? I need an example that explain how access in the IC register. Thanx.

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