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    Processes & Threads

    I've been pretty AWOL from this site but need to reconnect with the wealth of folks willing to help. From what I understand a process is made up of a single or multiple threads, correct? Can multiple threads run concurrently or are they all scheduled at a fast enough rate so as to seems like...
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    Need Embedded System Design Help

    I'm a newbie to embedded system design and need some help understanding how certain concepts affect the overall system design. I'm in learning mode as pat of this team so I'mnot expert. So expect stupid questions. :) I'm not here to have people tell me how to do a design since that is the job of...
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    Should I take into consideration LNA stability factor?

    I am using an Avago LNA that according to the datasheet is unconditionally stable. See link: Ultra Low Noise, High Linearity Active Bias Low Noise Amplifier I have a test board and populated the components for low NF. If I am only interested in a specific band and the stability factor states...
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    Quick Help: 50 Ohm Termination

    Hi, I have a pulse generator that only does 50 ohm out and a switch circuit that has an high impedance input. I see that this is a problem but would like to know how to have a quick fix. Is it possible just to have a 50 ohm resistor to ground at the input? If not then what do I do? Thanks!
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    Frequency Scaling parts from 900MHz down to 300MHz

    Avago shows that their LNA is stable even below 450MHz in their data sheet - page 8. I looked at their K-factor calculations which should be based on their S-parameters. Did you look at the s-parameters and saw that it was unstable?
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    Distribution Transformer (Pole Mounted) Wiring

    I have a question regarding distribution transformer mounted on a pole (neighborhood), how are more than one house wired to a distribution transformer on the pole? Are they all connected to the 3 wire terminals? Some details on this would be great. Links are welcome.
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    Frequency Scaling parts from 900MHz down to 300MHz

    Can you help in getting the component vales for this part at 300MHz? According to the data sheet: **broken link removed** "Essentially, C1 & C2 at the RFin & RFout are DC blocking capacitors. L1 is input match for noise figure and L2 is output match for OIP3. C3, C4, & C6 are bypass...
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    Frequency Scaling parts from 900MHz down to 300MHz

    Hi Everyone, I am looking into using this Avago LNA and they show an application note for 900MHz (see link) where they show the component values. **broken link removed** How can I use the exact same design at 300MHz? I don't know how to do it but I image that I have to do some sort of...
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    Pulse Generator Source Impedance

    Attached is a jpg of my control circuit that goes to the switch. It will do 0 & -5V output differential from2.5 ns rise and fall 0-5V or 0-2.5V from pulse generator. What do you think? 50Ohm setting or 1kOhm setting? Thanks for the reply.
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    Pulse Generator Source Impedance

    I plan to use an Agilent 81111A Pulse Generator (with complementary outputs) to provide the control to my drive circuit for my SPDT switch. The SPDT switch can be found here: https://www.triquint.com/prodserv/mor...rod_id=TGS2306 Pulse Generator here...
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    Calculate Off Capacitance & On Resistance from S-Parameters

    I was thinking about impedance calculations and inductance. I probably mixed it all up. Forget I said that. I have two coils that are in close proximity to each other and one port is on one coil and the other port (port 2) is on the other coil. I got 2-port S-parameters. Is there a similar way...
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    Calculate Off Capacitance & On Resistance from S-Parameters

    I figured as much but was just making sure. Is it possible to get mutual inductance between two coils using 2-port s-parameters? Instead of dividing by 2*pi*f should I multiply? If I'm wrong then what is the proper procedure? Thanks for the help.
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    Calculate Off Capacitance & On Resistance from S-Parameters

    Dumb question .... the Ron is the inverse of Gon ... correct?
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    Calculate Off Capacitance & On Resistance from S-Parameters

    Hi, Is it possible to get these characteristics of a RF Switch if you have the 2-port s-parameters when the switch is open and closed? If so, can someone provide the equations or link me to them? Thanks.
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    LNA Stability due to Wide Impedance Differences

    I added some stuff to the first post. I wish I could use a absorptive switch. So we need really fast switching speed and the switch we have has <1ns switch time. Bad news is that the document that I have has no information on it being reflective or absorptive. Just looking at it I am assuming...

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