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    My entry for NASA's contest

    Hi friends, I've sent an entry to NASA's create the future design contest, it has cleared the 1st stage, and I would like you all to visit this link and do review it up. The most popular entry, judged according to the number of page views will also qualify for their final honours. Do visit both...
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    Power Supply for line follower.

    Hi all, I'm making a Line follower robot , in which I've connected the outputs of the 2 IR sensors to 2 separate input channels of an AVR Tiny 13's ADC channels, the controller monitors the input, thereby controlling an L293D which in turn controls 2 motors. For power supply I'm using a 7805 to...
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    LED panel :minimum I/O pins

    yes , direct I/O control
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    LED panel :minimum I/O pins

    Hi all , I want to implement PWM on RGB colored LEDS and want to make a panel out of it , the idea i have in my mind is to control individual components of R,G and B of each LED by 3 I/O pins of a microcontroller and generate many colors. But to make a panel i need to incorporate a gigantic...
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    MMC reader by atmega 128

    mmc atmega128 i heard that using voltage divider to get 3.3 V is a very bad idea and so is by using diode.
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    MMC reader by atmega 128

    atmega128 mmc Hi , i'm making a ATmega128 based MMC reader , using the library provided at http://elm-chan.org/fsw/ff/00index_e.html . Having some problem in the following area . 1. Can pencil cells be used to achieve 3.3V for MMC'c Vcc ? 2. Will 3.3v logic MMC and 5V logic ATmega128 fine...
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    Questions about the FATFS library

    mmc + fat + commands I've sorted out my first query , please help me out on 2nd and 3rd one only
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    Questions about the FATFS library

    Hi, I am implementing a mmc card reader using atmega 32.I am using the FATFS LIBRARY from **broken link removed** after reading the code i had some doubts 1.what does the xatoi() and xitoa() funtion do and what is meant by them connected with the UART module. here is a sample run of the...
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    LCD Counter using ATMega8

    hi all , I've put down the following code in mega 8 using the following PIN configuration , pin config: PD4...PD7 connected to pins 11 to 14 of LCD(16*2 ) (used in 4 bits mode ) PB4---- Enable (6 pin no. of LCD) gnd---- Pin 5 of lcd PB5---RS ( pin 4) the user enters the time and on pressing...
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    question bank for eletronics

    hey , i'm an electronics engg student , i've been doing sedra / smith ( microelectronic circuits) for electronics but some how i feel that the questions of this book are of quite low standard and want to do something more challenging , anybody knowing any question bank , please tell... thanks...

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