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    The concept of switch and bridge in networks

    can anyone explain the concepts of switch,bridge, hub in networks
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    Looking for materials about 8085 applications

    please post materials regarding 8085/8086/8051 applications programs, particularly building temperature controller using 8085/8051.
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    Does ztransform exists for a periodic discrete signal

    i want to know whether ztransform exists for periodic discrete signal or not. u[n]sin[Ωn] is not a periodic signal . pls tell me whether it can exist for periodic
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    Does ztransform exists for a periodic discrete signal

    z-transform of periodic signal Does ztransform exists for a periodic discrete signal ?
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    Relationship between z-transform and DTFT

    Re: z-transform and DTFT In case of DTFT of a system function, it can do the transform only if the h[n] is a stable sequence Σh[n] should be less than infinite. So we can take DTFT only for stable systems. But by using z-transform we can transform even the unstable systems and can analysis...
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    Must i select electrical or electronics and communication

    Re: Must i select electrical or electronics and communicatio Hai i am doing electronics and comm final yr. i will tell u the importance of ece, then u decide urself 1. we have four main field to work on namely (1)embedded (2) core electronics (3) digital, image processing [signal processing]...
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    Problem in Pc based clock

    sir i am doing a project of displaying pc time in seven segment displays. i use the parallel port to pass the bcd coded data of hour and minutes and display them by using 4 7segment displays. Here i used a bcd to seven segment decoder to convert the bcd code. now when i give the input...
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    What is the meaning of angle in a fourier transformed signal?

    Re: fourier transform Phase : arises from phasor . Phasor is something like a vector which is rotating (changing its angle instantaneously) so the angle it substends at present with respect to a reference phasor is the phase angle. Now The importance of Fourier Transform: [this is my own...
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    Information about projects in microprocessors

    final yr project I am doing final yr electronics and communication. i have to do a project in the field of microprocessor mostly in 8051 can any one post the address of the site which host projects/materials regarding this area
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    Information about projects in DSP processors

    final year project i have to do a final year project in dsp processors can any one provide me sites that helps/provides project in dsp
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    how does fourier transform transforms time to freq domain

    How does fourier transform transforms time to freq domain. i know mathematically but want to know how does physically it transform what happens when the time domain signal is multiplied by exponential signal. how does the fourier arrives on that particular formula
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    work on linux from winxp by connecting to linux system

    how to work on linux from winxp using telnet by connecting to linux system
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    8085 and 8051 processor

    why in 8085 microprocessor the internal clock freq is divided by 2 also the same divided by 12 in 8051
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    Looking for websites and resources on audio, mpeg coding

    mpeg coding pls suggest some sites and books on audio, mpeg coding
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    discrete cosine transform

    pls post the physical meaning and importance of discrete cosine transform how it converts signals from spatial domain to spectral domain

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