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Recent content by igorz

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    What's the max frequency Xilinx FPGA can run?

    fpga frequency Actually, it's quite a difficult matter to run complex designs at speeds more than 200-250 MHz, even on FPGA's with high speed grades. But with simple circuits (without DCM, sometimes - without global clocks, manually placed and routed) your can go above 1 GHz, I presume.
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    What will it be if one GND pin of my FPGA is disconnected???

    GND pins are connected inside FPGA with mutual impedance of no more then several Ohms and with some parasitic inductance. When one or more GND pins are disconnected, it will slightly increase FPGA's GND plane resistance (which is of a little importance in most cases) and plane inductance (which...
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    Spartan XCS05 XL free software ?

    fpga express free Hi, For Spartan XL devices your can use only old WebPacks. I have seen them some time ago on ftp sites of Xilinx distributors, so ask them. As for XC4000 series, I don't know free software, but they are not recommended for new designs.
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    What is the pci bus voltage supported by modern PCs?

    Hi, - Virtex and Spartan II series are fully PCI 5V compatible, Virtex E, Spartan IIE, and later - are not, so all new ships with core voltage 1,8V and less (including Spartan III – probably clone for Virtex II) will only be PCI 3 V compatible; - there is no Xilinx chip on the market, that...
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    What is the pci bus voltage supported by modern PCs?

    Hi, almost all PC's with PCI 33/32 support only 5V signalling standard on the PCI bus. For PCI chip power circuit it's better to use +5V voltage, because some old computers does not have +3,3V supply.
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    What Is Better Xilinx VIRTEX 2 Or Altera Stratix ?

    IMHO, Virtex II is more powerful end cost effective, then Stratix because of many features, which your can't see at first glance, directly comparing number of LUTs, memories, multipliers, and costs: - distributed memory of Virtex II makes it possible to built very effective FIR filters (based...
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    The size limit of IO space in each BAR of a PCI card

    Hi Linch, of course, you can request more, then 256 I/O’s for one BAR, but no guarantee, whether will it work in your case or not. Best results (4K I/O, probably more) can be obtained for MS-DOS and old motherboards with minimum of periphery. Worst results (256 bytes I/O downto 0) => for...
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    The size limit of IO space in each BAR of a PCI card

    I think, for control functions, it’s better to use I/O mapping, especially for first designs. Your will avoid problems with memory allocation in multitask operating systems, memory cashing, and many others. If I/O size isn’t enough, your can use “window” like access methods, multifunction...

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