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Recent content by hussong1555

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    IR receiver circuit design

    Well the first step would be to share your circuit and we can all check out what is going on.
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    battery charger circuit

    The lithium ion battery is easy to charge. Charging safely is a more difficult. The basic algorithm is to charge at constant current until the battery reaches 4.2 Vpc, and hold the voltage at 4.2 volts until the charge current has dropped to 10% of the initial charge rate. The termination...
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    Component part number listing

    you can also give digikey or mouser a try; they have categories that you can click to find more specific specs for devices.
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    Help me design a 01020102 counter using 2 D flip flops

    01020102 counter I'm a little confused as to your request. A signal has only two states 0 and 1. so are you saying you want two signals, something like this? 010101010101010101010101 000100010001000100010001
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    Recommend me a DC/DC converter module

    DC/DC Conveter if you want reliable modules turnkey, I'd try ACON. Their not cheap, but they are good.
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    Humming from inductor(boost circuit)

    oh, i thought you may have been using a dc/dc converter chip to produce the pwm. in any case check the frequency across the inductor and I think you'll find that it is in the audible range.
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    Humming from inductor(boost circuit)

    Yes check the Frequency across the inductor. Also, share this with the chip manufacturer; they may have some helpful advice such as placing components closer to converter chip. Also some power and ground planes may be helpful in the efficiency of the design. what converter chip are you using?
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    High power LED driver ckt..

    you can try a ZD832; unfortunately, it's only rated at 2.5W. If that doesn't work for you, check out this site: https://www.national.com/store/files/LM3445-220V_Design_Doc_A.pdf hope this helps
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    PROTEUS is not compatible with windows vista?

    Vista allows you to run programs in other versions of windows, you can try this: right click on program, select properties, click compatibility, check mark "Run this program in compatibility mode for:", then select the version of windows you wish to run it under. This doesn't work for all...
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    Have an idea - but where to start?

    I recommend downloading KiCAD or eagle to do your schematic design (KiCAD is free and eagle has a free version). once you are happy with it, you can also use them to do the pcb layout. once layout is complete you will need to build gerber files for board house. then once your ready for...
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    Have an idea - but where to start?

    IMHO $10,000 is spot on just for the plastic enclosure to be designed and prototyped, sounds like your getting the rest of your project for free. I read through your requirements and I must say that this sounds like an expensive dressed down rather large stopwatch; am I missing something from...
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    How do I use PWM with PIC18F45K20???

    Thanks Tahmid, All of your help has made my project at work a success :)
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    How do I use PWM with PIC18F45K20???

    Tahmid, Everything you have told me has been extremely helpful and I am learning a lot from you, after some research (what i am trying to do is drive a servo) I need a PWM period of 20msec (I think that is 50Hz as mentioned before) and a PWM width of 1msec and 2msec. so a duty cycle of 5% and...
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    How do I use PWM with PIC18F45K20???

    Thanks Tamid, you've been very helpful. And C18 does have the same delay function (it's great) I see that 30 is equal to 32kHz, what is the scale on that, and what if I need a period of like 20ms (I think that would work out to like 50Hz)?
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    PIC18F4520 program to check input states

    Thanks for the help, i will try it monday morning

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