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Recent content by honey 77

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    PCB COVERED with GREEN Stuff.

    The Green layer is called as soldermask layer, it gives permanent protection to copper traces.
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    Ethernet differential pair routing

    Hi every one, In Ethernet protocol routing, where differential pair signal should be routing either top layer or bottom layer? What is the guidelines of Ethernet protocol signals.
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    Non ROHS parts in BOM

    hi every one, how to identify non RoHS and obsolete parts from the BOM. can anybody tell me about ROHS parts in BOM? Thanks harsha
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    difference between analog and digital board designing?

    Anybody tell me what is the difference between analog and digital boards designing? In single board why separating analog circuit and digital circuit.
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    [MOVED] How to decide layer stack up in PCB

    Can any body help me How to decide layer stack up in Multi layer designing?
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    looking for PCB design jobs in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad regions.

    Hi every one, i am looking for PCB Lay out designer jobs in Bangalore, I have 3 years Experience in PCB design using Altium Tool. If anyone knows PCB design experienced jobs let me know. Ragards Honey
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    pulse width modulation application program for ARM board

    Hi every one, I need pulse width modulation application program for LPC2929 processor.
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    MCB2929 ARM Evaluation board applications

    Hi can any one help me, MCB2929 ARM Evaluation Board (LPC2929) is it supports for TIMERS and PWM Technic applications?
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    1fff binary half value

    yeah, i know this conversion, but i want half of that value , it means 1FFF/2 Value how much ?
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    1fff binary half value

    WHAT IS THE 1FFF equivalent binary value
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    Netlist import information

    Can any body help me, can we import netlist in Altium?
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    Thermal pad and Thermal Layer in PCB

    Can anyone help, What Is The Purpose of Thermal pad and Thermal layer in PCB?
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    We want information about QVGA TFT LCD

    Urgently We required QVGA TFT LCD to my project, this LCD like as MCB 2929 board LCD, this lcd size320x240, we tried so many places for this LCD, can any body suggest me where it is available.
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    how to use level shifters ?

    Instead of this OPAMP ckts, can i use pull up resistors?
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    how to use level shifters ?

    I am trying to communicate between FPGA board to some interfaces kits like 12bit ADC, DUAL DAC, Stepper motor ...etc, FPGA out put voltage 3.3V only but for this interface kits needs 5V, so for this i need to use level shifters.

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