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    Where to download CX-Simulator Program?

    Where to download demo CX-Simulator Program? Thanks for help.
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    Fr@nklin C51 the best compiler C!

    Franklin C51 is only old C Compiler for MSC51 Family. Keil is the best.
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    Does anyone know of an easy Orcad CIS to PDF Converter

    orcad schematics into pdf writer Pls use: FinePrint pdfFactory Pro v1.61
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    USB transceiver selection?

    psoc ep0 control Use IC FM232BM to convert USB to Serial Port.
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    Schematic of a DTMF phone dialer

    dtmf phone Please use ICs: CM8870 ans LM567. I have made a board. It work very well.
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    Which ARM compiler is better...

    iar arm compiler Embedded Work Bench from IAR is the best. (as if Keil C51).
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    Motorola MC Coldfire CPU programmer

    I have downloaded it, used WinRAR 3.2 to extract: Have some errors: C:\Temp\Arm_JTAG_Prog.rar: CRC failed in coldfire_M5206ELITEUM.pdf. The file is corrupt C:\Temp\Arm_JTAG_Prog.rar: Unexpected end of archive This file may be crrorupted?
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    What C compiler is the best for AVR

    best avr compiler What C compiler is the best for AVR? (Compiler, Link, Debug, Emulation...) Thanks.
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    vb6 and parallel port

    open printer port + vb 6 To use I/O ports in Windows NT/2000/XP. Pls Visit www.beyondlogic.org/porttalk/porttalk.htm.
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    Where to find PICALL firmware chip PIC16C62

    picall firmware Where to download PICALL firmware chip PIC16C62? Thanks
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    Looking for schematic to design ICD-S

    Help me to download schematic, PCB and software of ICD-S. (ICD is a complete in-circuit debugging solution for Microchip's PIC16Fxx and PIC18Fxx PIC® microcontrollers. ICD can debug all PIC16 and PIC18 targets that support debug mode for debugging. It also provides in-circuit serial programming...
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    What is the best tool for PIC?

    What is the best tool for PIC? (C compiler, Linking, Emulation, Debug...)
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    simple four position vga manual signal switch to monitor?

    Hi Emblema, You are welcome! Good luck. / Warning #3 - No empty or meaningless posts at elektroda! / please do not give any warnings for this post -- gulson
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    How to design two serial ports on the 8051?

    max 3110e application note How to design two serial ports on the 8051?
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    A High Efficiency Constant Current Source

    A High Efficiency Constant Current Source

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