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    [SOLVED] Help with Isis simple simulation

    hy alexan_e, will not oscillate in reality or in simulation?
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    [SOLVED] Help with Isis simple simulation

    I need to design a circuit osscillator that run on 8Mhz from the schematics provided by: **broken link removed** I think something is wrong in my simulation because the output is strange.. Isis file attached.
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    Need help with a 8Mhz oscillator

    need only to oscillate on a single freq. 8Mhz not 6-10Mhz, where to put the trimmer instead of C1 or C2, i see that for freqv. the resistor is changed in that example
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    Need help with a 8Mhz oscillator

    I ned to buil a 8Mhz oscillator.I have a 8Mhz quartz and a 2N3415 or elese power transistor, maxim 9V battery,and i need a complete schematic with all the corect value to run on 8Mhz only. Something like: **broken link removed** or **broken link removed** but for 8mhz, and with complete value...
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    Help to simpliy a Fuji Flash Block to use it for fun

    Helo, i have a flash block from a finepix s1000 camera, and i want to put a simple two wire to power the flash lamp and a switch on/off to charge discharge the lamp/capacitor (it's a big one :) -190uF/330V) and make flashes. I have marked in the attachement picture the damaged zone (connectors...

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