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Recent content by hichemm

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    how to get access for variable in CAPL script

    Hi i am using python in order to get acces to canalyzer now i want to get acces to variable declared in CAPL script how can I make this I need a help please :-(
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    Calling a CAPL function from QT using com and Canalyzr

    I want to call a function from QT application in fact this function executet a CAPL script runing in Canalyzer I am using COM to get access to the function here my exemple but it doesnt work where is the problem any help plz ICAPL *pcapl; ICAPLFunction *fn ; IApplication* pIApp; HRESULT...
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    Qt creator and CANalyzer

    hi As part of developing a graphical simulation tool for testing theCAN communication interface of an electronic card with two HMI,one wishes to be exempted from using software that is expensive such as CANoe and LabVIEW using basic programming languages ​​like C + +. It involves developing a...

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