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    How to Start the Linux learning?

    @c_mitra: It is more then understandable that if a reader is not familiar with the topics I do prsent, it is hard to follow and digest everything. I am dealing with those topics slow, due to health problems, but since more then one year. I still have the goal to be ready to restart my...
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    How to Start the Linux learning?

    I started to learn Linux due to the fact that it runs on a RaspBerry Pi board, that it is its os. It was relatively easy to learn it to the degree were I was able to do cross development, in my case using Python 3. So I had Windows 10 on my PC and Raspbial Jessie, the Linux distribution for the...
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    FreeRTOS Development Board for LPC18xx ARM Cortex-M3

    At the site of FreeRTOS you can find a book that deals with FreeRTOS and the LPC1769. A chip and efficient way to go is to buy a LPCXpresso1769 board from Embedded Artists, here the link. This board, while beeing very inexpensive y get it for less then 30 Euros, including shipping. You can get...
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    Embedded Linux for ARM cores

    I will go for the topic in a not to distant future. But in general you can say there are 2 kinds of real time linux approaches. One uses a patch PREEMPT being a key word here, the other one makes modifications to the kernel. This is specially interesting if you have a multi core controller in...
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    [SOLVED] Searching for an obsolete Board

    Dear friends To make a study about the use of stepper motors I do plan and i do use components from Trinamic, a Fabless Semiconductor Company based in Hamburg, Germany. This company, whose "stepRocker" board can be purchased anywhere around the globe, in 2012 presented a new product line called...

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