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Recent content by Helemish

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    EM simulator coupled with semiconductor drift diffusion eqn.

    coupling simulator Hallo all, did you know any think about EM simulator coupled with semiconductor drift diffusion equation, or any one have matlab code to solve this equation and made the coupling between them. thanks
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    need help for CST simulation

    Hallo everybody I need to simulate the small single conductor (6*3*50 micrometerwidth*thickness*length) by CST at high frequency 0.1-100GHz, to watch the skin effect due to high frequency, also good results had be obtained from CST,but and now came my question the results at lower frequency...
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    CST simulation with spiral inductor

    spiral inductor design cst Hallo wave-maniac thank you so much for reply, could you tell me why, for which reasons? because I have CST 2008 with License for Transient time solver only? second question is Can I model the planer spiral inductor by discretization the maxwells equations...
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    CST simulation with spiral inductor

    cst inductor Hallo everybody I have aproblem with CST simulation duration time , it is always 24 hours to simulate single strip on Si substrate. anyone has no idea about this problem? and anyone has an example to simulate two layer of dielectric material, or strip line,and sweep ing the...

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