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    usb communication with picc-18

    hi i tried your application but when it ask for the driver i put the driver with the right VID and PID but after trying to install it say me that there is some problem in the driver "code10" thanx
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    communication between htrc11001t and pic16f876

    htrc11001t and pic16f876 i want to make a communication between htrc11001t and pic16f876. i read the datasheet but i didn't understand. so if you have an exemple help me i work with compiler picc of hitech. thank you
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    usb communication with picc-18

    sorry other question in the PSoC MiniProg_PICC18.rar wich mode transfer of data did u use i mean to ask interrupt or bulk or isocronous and is it a HID class???? and thnx a lot :)
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    usb communication with picc-18

    thanx a lot kejian2000 i have just compiled the code the compilation is ok and i understood the control transfert of endpoint 0 but i didn't find the function that send and receive the data i think that you worked in asm MyTasks()???? u understand me i hope??? and i will post my code so if u...
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    usb communication with picc-18

    hi every body i like a code sourse that use usb connection with pic 18F2455 with the picc18 compiler i need help i need just a simple code where i can send and recieve just 1 byte i search in google for 1 mounth but i didn't find any thing for picc-18 please help me!!!!!! thnx

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