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Recent content by hayaloo

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    Opamp matching - which pairs have to be matched together?

    opamp matching hi all could anyone tell me in the 2 stage opamp which pairs have to be matched together. thank you
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    bandgap reference layout consideration

    bandgap reference layout hi all im designing a bandgap reference with two serial bipolars but im stuck at layout. i need to know a technique for implimenting this circuit , i red that diode ratio must be 8:1 but i dont know the reason. if anyone can help me with designing layout for: a)the...
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    altera VS Xilinx modification needed to apply code to altera

    altera VS Xilinx Hi guys im doing a project on vhdl that ias IMA_ADPCM compression method usimg VHDL . there is a code for this algorithm on web but this code uses Xilinx ISE 9.2i tool and i have to use Modelsim Altera web edition . does anyone can tell me what exactly are diffrences...
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    Synthesis VS Simulation - explanation needed

    synthesis vs simulation thanks a lot guys now its clear for me
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    Synthesis VS Simulation - explanation needed

    synthesis vs simulaton Hi all I recently started to learn VHDL as i needed for my project but i still do not undestand the dofference between designs for synthesis and simulation could some one please help me with this matter . thanks for your time
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    How to create BJT spice model in Spice netlist ?

    Hi can anyone tell me how can i creat BJT spice model in spice net list ?
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    Where to buy a 16 bit analoge to digital converter

    Re: human voice compression thanks for your help , if you could also help wuth DAC i realy appreciate it.
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    Where to buy a 16 bit analoge to digital converter

    human voice compression Hi Im trying to compress human voice that comes through microphon with ima_adpcm compression method and i need 16 bit input data to compress . does anyone know where a i can buy a 16 bit analoge to digital converter?
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    Does Altera DE2 board has ADC and DAC?

    hello everyone i have to use ADC and DAC for my design . does anyone know that altera DE2 board has analog to digita converter and also digital to analog converter ????

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