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Recent content by hassaanliu

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    Control circuitry of polymer based display

    Hi folks! I am working on some polymer (PEDOT:PSS) based display. Some basic physics about this display in order to understand what I would like to know. Such displays operate at 2.5-3 V. They change color from white to blue (reduction state) and blue to white (oxidation state) upon supplying...
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    Length of a speech signal

    Hello Guys I have a speech signal and I have read it in MATLAB using [y,fs,bits] = wavread('a.wav'). It gives me the following results bits = 16 (value) min (16) max (16) fs = 44100 (value) min (44100) max (44100) y = [25743x1 double] (value) min (-0.7074) max (0.6879) I know fs is sampling...
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    Formant Estimation in Speech signal

    Hello Everyone I have a speech signal that I have read using wavread, whose details are: Sound is a vewel 'a' Sampling Frequency = Fs = 44.1Khz Sample values = data I need to estimate the first three formants f1,f2,f3 of this vowel. Can any body provide me some MATLAB code or routine that...
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    [SOLVED] Sampling_in_Matlab (analog to digital)

    Hello guys I am new to MATLAB. I wanna convert a speech signal (analog) into digital form. How I can do it in MATLAB? I have read the speech signal in MATLAB using y=wavread('filename') that gives me the amplitude (data) and sampling frequency (fs) of the original signal recorded in. could...

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