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    How can I generate ideal point source in CST?

    I want to simulate a nano-antenna structure. I need a point source to obtain antenna's directivity. How can I generate ideal point source in CST?
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    CST MWS results are different from FDTD results...

    I heard that two simulation tools operate similary. But, when I simulate the nano aperture in optical region, these two results has different resonant frequency. FDTD : 970nm CST MWS : 1250nm both of cases, I use the grid size of about 2~2.5nm (I think it is enough) and same structure...
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    How can I use user defined lossy metal in CST MWS?

    Hello. I have a question. I am using now CST MWS 2009 Frequency domain solver program. At 633nm (optical wavelength), I want to use the gold metal aperture in this wavelength region. So, I have to make the new one using the normal material setting. In normal dielctric material with...
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    In cst, when I excite the 1v/m, it is not 1v/m as a results.

    In CST, MWS, frequency solver, I excite the x-polarized plane wave of 1v/m at the end of the z_min. Every volume is filled with air then there is no problem. Every field intensity in every point is about 1v/m. but, when every volume is filled with dielectric material(not vaccum), every...
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    transient solver problem in cst 2008

    I simulate the structure of gold nano aperture at specific frequency (frequency of 474THz, wavelength of 633nm) When I simulate this structure, I use epsilon value of -9.514 and tangent delta electric of 0.128. (In other words, epsilon = -9.514-i*1.218) There is no problem when I simulate...
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    in general, Which method is recommended in cst simulation?

    I simulate the structure of bow-tie nano-aperture with CST Microwave studio 2008. (there is a metal slit and we excite the plane wave foward to the metal slit and measure the power transmission at the opposite side of metal slit) In frequency domain solver, there is a adaptive mesh refinement...
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    help sir... In cst , which is more accurate?

    software: cst2008 SP5, MWS, frequency domain solver 1. mesh size : 2,000,000 (no adaptive mesh refinement, 1st order solver) 2. mesh size : 400,000 (6 adaptive mesh refinement , 2nd order solver) Two results are very very different (about 1000 times!!!!!) plz help me;; which result should...
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    In cst 3d simulation, Which is more accurate?

    In CST MICROWAVE STUDIO frequency domain solver, 1. mesh 2,000,000 & 1st order(low memory) 2. mesh 350,000 & 2nd order(high memory) & adaptive mesh refinement(about 5~6 number of passes) In general, which is more accurate?
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    CST convergence problem....(frequency domain solver)

    I use CST MICROWAVE STUDIO 2008.... (sorry .. my english is poor) There is a aperture of nano-size on the surface of the metal(gold) and we emission the plane wave foward to the aperture and observe the Power flow distribution. (frequency : 309Thz , wavelength : 970nm ) This is what I...

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