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    [SOLVED] Interrupt routine not returning to main loop (PIC16F84A Assembly)

    I see... It did not occur to me that the ISR will most likely execute on the Delay subroutine, which is the same one that I used on the ISR itself. The problem was fixed by adding a new delay routine for ISR and saving my W and status registers at the start of ISR, which you guys have suggested...
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    [SOLVED] Interrupt routine not returning to main loop (PIC16F84A Assembly)

    Hello. Why is it that whenever the ISR is executed in my code, it does not seem to return to the main loop? #include "p16f84a.inc" __CONFIG _HS_OSC&_PWRTE_ON&_WDT_OFF&_CP_OFF cblock 0X20 d1 d2 d3 TEMP endc org 0x00 goto main org 0X04 goto ISR ISR bcf INTCON, GIE movfw...

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