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    4:1 coax cable balun

    Hi,everyone,In this picture,we can see the PA circuit board.The input port has a balun with transformer (4:1) using a ferrite,and the output has the 4:1 coax cable transformer and the coax cable balun. The frequency is 50MHz to 75MHz. I have two question for your help, thank you very much. The...
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    [SOLVED] Help me to design the RFPA,Thanks!

    Thanks,but i must use the transistors and other component such as capacitances and inductance to design the RFPA.How about the two stages PA,the first stage is LNA and second stage is power output ? So which transistor should i choose ?
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    [SOLVED] Help me to design the RFPA,Thanks!

    Hello,I am trying to design a discrete RFPA to put out greater than or equal 25 dBm(P1dB) at 2.4~2.5 GHz and gain is greater than equal 26 dB for very low cost as far as possible .The operation voltage is 3.3 V .Anyone have some design suggestions? Thank you very much!

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