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    Detect infrared codes from the remote controller

    I have in my home an air conditioner and his remote controller that control by IR communication so when I touch one command in the remote controller the led of the remote controller become to flick in one frequency for example 100 flickers per second and this say for example to the air...
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    Wafers handling robotics arms

    Hi to all the forum members, my questions for this tread are correlated to the robotics arms for wafers like the robotics arms that are in this website: www.kensingtonlabs.com 1. why is so important to build very very accuracy robotics arms, Wafer Handling Systems , in the machines of...
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    search after accuracy robots

    Hi friends, I search after examples or videos or names of robots or machines that work in a very accurate scale something like one millimeter of accuracy or better accuracy, so if you know about a robot or machine that work very accuracy so I will glad if you can write this in this thread.
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    Information about servo controllers

    Hi friends, I have several questions that are related to develop servo controllers and develop servo drivers, so if you know something or you know one good website with an article that talk about one thing that is correlated to one of these things so I will glad if you can write it in this a...
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    Computer Vision and Engineering

    Hi friends, I search after examples of researches and projects that involve or collaborate Computer Vision and one of this big subjects Robotics, Artificial Intelligent, Control, Mechanics and Communication.
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    Design the software and the hardware for servo controllers

    I search information about design the software and the hardware of controllers especially servo controllers. I have several questions about this subject and I will glad if you can write your opinion and add some relevant links. A. I want to understand these things: A.1. What is servo control...
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    Flow mechanics and control

    1. How I can calculate the flow mechanics forces that operated on the wafer? How I can calculate the stress, forces and torques that are permit to put on a wafer that his thickness is 100 microns and his width is 10 meter and his length is 10 meter. The wafer is from the family of semiconductor...
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    Control automation systems

    I am interesting to know about the automation systems (production line) and the machines that manufactures these products: solar cells, thin-film solar modules, display screens like: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), touch panel and plasma, thin film rechargeable lithium ion batteries, lithium ion...
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    Mechanics mechanisms for conveyors

    I am interesting to know about the mechanics mechanisms that use the conveyors in products lines automations systems. I am interesting to know more about "span" roller (I am not sure that I wrote "span" correct, I think that this mechanics mechanism have a wheel that stretched) and about roller...
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    automation systems and Linux and VxWorks

    Hi friends, I really need your help so if anyone here knows something that is related to this issue so I will glad if he can write a replay.
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    automation systems and Linux and VxWorks

    I see one company that builds something like the automation system that is in the video link that I add and they wrote that they use VxWorks software and Linux software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHuDvVa7mkw I want to know what are the tools and functions that VxWorks software or in Linux...
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    Efficiency of solar panels – transition line

    I want to calculate the efficiency of solar panel, I know that the answer need to be approximate 15% because this information I find in the website of one company that manufacture the solar panels, but I don’t know how they calculate this? Maybe it can be correlated to transition line? I think...
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    Industrial design of cars and biometrics

    I search after websites or other information about industrial design of cars and I also search after information about industrial design that receives the inspiration from the nature and from the biology for all kinds of projects and not only for cars.
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    Dynamics and kinematics motion equations

    I search any information that about why is important to calculate the dynamics and kinematics motion equations for car like what control applications of car need these equations
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    Wireless communication between cars

    Hi friends, I really need your help, so if anyone here knows something about communication between cars so I will glad if he can write in this thread his message response and / or post some relevant links about this subject.

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