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    Who have made a ICD3 Clone ?

    icd 3 Methinks, that there would not be simple clone solution for ICD3, as it was for ICD2. ICD3 clone can costs approx half->full of MCP price, if even possible to be made at home. My thinking about all of this : 1. FPGA code resides probably in 25LC1024. 2. dsPIC probably flashes FPGA at...
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    So, you've got a problem with your OS - reinstall windoze, try your ICD on another PC...
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    LF4455 may not work, it has smaller amount of code memory - probably you would have to adjust firmware to fit in new code area conditions (ICD-USB firmware should fit, but there is also bootloader - there may be some address problems...)
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    For all those people who can't read or being too lazy to get through ~60 pages of this topic Some basic thesis : 1. If you don't have some advanced skills in electronics - don't do this project !!! (make some easier programmer) 2. If you have only multimeter & soldering iron - don't do this...
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    Battery pack qty/chemistry autodetection - how to do this ?

    How to autodetect battery pack (cells) and chemistry in a charger ? Anybody knows some algorithms for this ? Thanks a lot.
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    Hitec ranger II schematic or pcb-image

    Please help, I need schematic of this RC radio or just pcb-image (photo - good res), Thanks
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    PIC multichip programmer circuit

    multi chip programmer ICD-2 clone was compiled here... search...
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    Discussion on PIC C/C++ compilers

    C++ compiler AFAIK : C2C C++ compiler and IAR Embeeded Workbench... Why do you want to use c++ in pic ?
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    Easy USB CDC solution with PIC 18F2550

    cdc pic Heh... this solution (I mean PIC18F-USB) has at least 2 years... but anyway... good job for someone who need simple USB communication.
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    ICD2 USB clone - how to get it to work with 3.3V PIC24s ???

    icd2 3v3 have you checked this by multimeter or via programmer status window ?
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    ICD2 USB clone - how to get it to work with 3.3V PIC24s ???

    mplab ic2 device id 0x0 Ok, but what to do with MCLR ? PIC24 need Vih level of MCLR to enter into programming mode. Refer to fig.3-3 of DS39768A-page 10. h**p://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/39768a.pdf Maybe new firmware wouldn't set MCLR to Vpp (13V) but only to Vdd (release from...
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    ICD2 USB clone - how to get it to work with 3.3V PIC24s ???

    dspic33f icd2 Look at the programming specification datasheet.... New 24/33 PIC's no longer require 13V Vpp... they're programmed by pulling MCLR high (3.3V - as far as I concern) and transmitting specific patterns via PGD/PGC to enable programming mode. I don't know is it safe to put 4.7V on...
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    What are nanocontrollers ?

    Nanocontrollers!!!! what kind of nano- do you mean ? size or speed ?
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    ICD2 USB clone - how to get it to work with 3.3V PIC24s ???

    dspic33 icd2 I've created exactly the same project but on my own PCB. (btw: thanks for the sch). Target Vdd - 0.00V Target Vpp - 4.99V MPLAB ICD2 Vpp - 12V Self-test : Target Vdd - Low Module MCLR Vdd - Low But I think it can be the problem because I have 74126 in HCT version... and I think I...
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    ICD2 USB clone - how to get it to work with 3.3V PIC24s ???

    icd2 clone 3.3v Hmm... I've tried to do self test without target board connected to ICD.... Maybe here is the clue.. So, the edaboard's ICD2 clone should work with new 3.3V PICs...

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