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    searching for analog switch - help needed

    On resistance = 45 ohm. Nice and toasty with 1 amp running through it ;)
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    searching for analog switch - help needed

    Re: Analog switch Ofcourse you can buy opto-isolated switch modules, but that's more expensive than DIY. Another option: take an N channel MOSFET, and use it as a low-side switch. This assumes a few things about your supply voltage and the type of load you want to switch. Perhaps you could...
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    Ultra high speed data acquisition system ???

    Hello Gregcooler, Could you give a more precise description of what you want to build? It is one thing to make a system that is capable of measuring repetitive 1.5GHz signals. It's quite another to build something that's capable of single shot @ 1.5GHz. Well, let's keep it simple and assume...
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    DIY active probe construction

    Hello, I was looking for information on the DIY construction of probes. I already noticed another thread on this board that listed this url: https://emcesd.com/1ghzprob.htm Good stuff :) Now, while 1 GHz passive is very nice, does anyone know of any sites that explain the construcion of...

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