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    Transmission Gate Switch Simulation

    In Hspice TG on-resistor Switch .probe r_p=par('1/LX8(MP0)') r_n=par('1/LX8(MN0)') this script is right??
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    Question in dcdc converter

    hi everyone in DCDC Converter what is the Light load heavy load meaning ? light load : the output current is low & heavy load : the output current is large? I don`t know exatly
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    CMOS opamp design procedure

    Allen`s CMOS Analog Circuit Design That book explains very well
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    How to Simulate THD using Hspice?

    Hi everyone? Now I design the Audio Amp How to simulate THD using Hspice?
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    What is difference in Active RC filter and Passive RC Filter in Hspice Simulation?

    Hi I`ve question in filter simulation using hspice I have simulated simple Passive& Active RC Filter R=10k ,C=10p w-3db=1/(RC) , f-3db=1/(2*pi*RC) f-3db=1.59MHz but in AC Simulation Passive & Active Frequency response (vdb) is different Active 0.795MHz, Passive 1.59MHz
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    what is different in these discrete integrator equation ??

    Hi Alls what is different in these discrete integrator equation ?? 1) z^-1/(1-z^-1) 2) z^-0.5/(1-z^-1) what is different ??? and how to express z^-0.5 in matlab
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    PSS, Pnoise Simulation setting for Sigma Delta Modulator

    pnoise simulation Hi Alls How to setting the Spectre Pss Pnoise setting I don`t have any reference [/b]
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    how to PSS& Pnoise simulation Switched capacitor circuit

    pnoise simulation Hi how to PSS& Pnoise simulation Switched capacitor circuits? I`m designing Sigma-Delta Modulator Using Hspice I heard using the SpectreRF PSS Pnoise simulation available But I`m not simulate the Specter. any Reference or Manual??
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    How to reduce the offset of amplifier?

    Re: offset of amplifier G C Temes paper This paper explain the priciple of Autozeroing and Chopper
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    .HB command in Hspice to find the 1 db compression point

    Re: . HB command in Hspice refer the hspice_RF manual searching Google..
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    Question for sigma delta modulator architecture

    sigma delta modulator architectures Hi Question for sigma delta modulator architecture ?? what is different feedforward and feedback?? what is merit and demerit each all thanks in advance
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    Few clarification on SNR/SNDR calculation

    sndr calculation refer this site https://www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/an_pk/728 https://www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/729 I think in SNR , how to calculate the noise (thermal nosie etc....) harminic component include in noise i think the SNR and SNDR is sam reslut i...
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    Question for difference sampling and modulation

    modulation sampling difference hi What is different sampling and modulation ?
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    How to get delta sigma modulator coefficient ??

    delta sigma modulator coefficient Hi I have question for (Delta sigma modulator)DSM how to ger DSM Coefficient ??? Using theButterworth HPF configuration noise transfer function coefficient obtain. in matlab how to set the peak gain more than 1 (Ex 1.5 to satisfy Lee`s rule of thumb) I...
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    Question for SC integrator

    sc integrator Hi everyone I study the sigma delta modulator What is different delay free SC integrator and delaying SC integrator ?? The transfer function is different delay free SC integrator Z/(Z-1) delaying SC integrator 1/(Z-1) what is different ?? I don`t know exatly???

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