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    Object-oriented programming with C?

    ltg: There are embedded C++ compilers as well.. take a look at the IAR embedded workbench offerings. But I do agree that you may be taking a unnecessary performance penalty as well as additional memory requirements. What aspects of C++ are you looking to use? for simple data, use structures...
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    Looking for Memory Stick specifications

    I too am interested in this spec, can someone make it available here, or point me to where I can download it? Thanks in advance [EDIT] Nevermind... found what i need (i hope) here: https://www.elektroda.pl/eboard/viewtopic.php?t=37774&highlight=memory+stick [EDIT #2] Well after going...
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    commerical analog phone circuit

    Look up Zarlink or Claire (formerly Teltone). What you are looking fo is called a DAA. Zarlink makes a nice universal module that only requires a few external components to tune it for different country requirements. The app notes are good too, showing the necessary connections.
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    Looking for I2C - USART converter

    i2c usart I would recommend using a micro like the atmel to do the job. Some of the newer AVR's have built in I2C support, as well as a USART. The code between them is very simple.

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