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    temperature sensor interface

    you could use the 8051, most of the micro controller could be use for i2c.
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    AT89C2051 not working URGENT

    hello, while you program the ic , open and see the hex file is there some program , because in some compiler hex for 2051 will not be produced . or you could check this same code with 4051. once i had also got a problem like this my compiler was not producing proper hex file.
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    controlling stepper motor by 8051

    https://www.imagesco.com/articles/picstepper/02.html check this it will help you.
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    controlling stepper motor by 8051

    k do you have the datasheet of the motor that you are using?
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    RS485 communication PIC to PIC

    hello, RS485 dose not matters on the code. set the budrate same for both the muc .
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    controlling stepper motor by 8051

    hai, how u are giving the digital data to muc? is it through serial communication ?
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    how to create a gui application in Qt5 for serial communication

    i need to create a gui application for serial communication by qt5.
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    LED Matrix Display with 4094 Shift Register

    when one colum is selected then you should give data for that colum only , then make the data 00 and shift the colum , give the data for that colum . so you first try to make letters static on the display.
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    LED Matrix Display with 4094 Shift Register

    i am considering that your colum is connected to controller port ,and colum is connected to uln . so first we will do the basic think . shift led from left to right . for that first write a function for clean data in shift register . then make your colum high and shift the register...
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    Interfacing of RTC DS1307 with 8051 using i2c with time and date setting options

    if you are getting time it means that your code and hardware is working. the time running faster may be because of your crystal ,so you could change the crystal and check it.
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    How to make Usb to TTL converter

    can you give some examples of the chipset .
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    How to make Usb to TTL converter

    is any driver software on pc is required for the serial transition?
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    How to make Usb to TTL converter

    what all must be there for development of Usb to TTL converter.
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    extremely accurate digital clock

    will the stability of clock chip depending on the code ?
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    [SOLVED] communication problem between two 8051 using RS-485

    so now try to send the hex data as individual .eg; SBUF=0x04.

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