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Recent content by gerlou

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    Where can I get "PIC microcontroller" book by Bert van Dam?

    Re: PIC microcontroller I need it for our final project dis year, i want ot learn about more on PIC16F877A on how it works and how to program..
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    Where can I get "PIC microcontroller" book by Bert van Dam?

    Please anyone can give me a copy of this e-book, I really really need it...please Author: Bert van Dam
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    electric machinery problems

    who is the author,Fitzgerald??
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    Egypt is the king of Africa in football !!!

    Re: Mabrooooooook Egypt wow...congrats!!!
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    How to design an AM receiver? (schematics + links)

    dESIGN Can you give me some site,where i can view how to design an am receiver????
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    What is the specification of BC109C transistors?

    Transistor What is the specification of BC109C transistors????
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    How to run distributed toool box in Matlab?

    Re: matlab question Do you have any a pdf format of mathlab tutorils????
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    The feedback control system or open loop control system?

    control system Why is it preferable to use the feedback control system rather than open loop control system???????....what is there difference with respect to there uses...
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    Am receiver circuits with PSPICE simulation

    am receiver + simulation Help me....Do you have an am receiver circuits with PSPICE simulation???
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    Is it ok to transmit signal with high frequency in seawater?

    Re: explain So it means high frequency transmission on the under seawater is not applicable??
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    AM receiver circuits and its PSPICE simulation

    AM receivers Plz help me,do you have any am receiver circuits and its PSPICE simulation????
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    Is it ok to transmit signal with high frequency in seawater?

    explain Is it ok to transmit signal with high frequencies in seawater?????????.........If so how about its attenuation, is it high or not?????
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    Looking for sample diagram of TV receiver that shows functional blocks

    Hi to anyone,do you have any basic tv receiver diagram showing the functional blocks with description......????
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    Looking for documents and diagrams of class AB amplifiers

    Hi anybody can help me getting the circuit diagrams of class AB amplifier and its output waveform also its operation and application...its about my report and we have to collect more reference...hope you can help me....:D
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    How to design Audio power amplifier?

    Hi to everyone can you pls help me how to design an audio power amplifier?pls

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