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Recent content by genboo547

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    without transistor and mos transistor circuit????

    Is there any other methods of building a circuit without mos-tsr or tsr? plz..help me thank u
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    i got warnings in synthesis...can i proceed further or need to change the design??

    warning:removing unused registers like this i got 14 warnings help needed.......
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    square root computation verilog synthesis

    I want to find 'x' such that If a number concatenate with x and adding x should not exceed the y: 2*x+x<y but should not exceed y for synthesis in verilog.. help me please...
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    How to find a square root of a large number?

    Re: square root??? Synchronous Square Root Computing Machine ________________________________________ Background Computing square root of a real number is a fundamental mathematical operation. Before the invention of calculator and computer, people would use method such as bisection and...
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    bcd substraction 36-27 ????????

    I want to know 36-27=9(00110110-00100111=00001001) how can we get the bcd subtraction ?
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    bcd multiplication verilog

    i want the algorithm for the bcd multiplication.help me pls
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    decimal to bcd conversion @ synthesizable verilog

    I want to know how to convert the decimal to bcd such that it can be synthesizable. synthesizable code shouldn't use %,/ operators please help me.....
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    About ADC and DAC conversions?

    certainly,there is data loss.Because in the a to d conversion we use quantization mechanism(where round off is occurring).
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    [SOLVED] Synchronous Square Root Computing Machine using verilog

    Synchronous Square Root Computing Machine i am unable to understand the algorithm for this. can any one help me to understand this algorithm. 1. Split the given number into groups, each containing two digits, starting from the least significant bit. (In our example, these groups will be "89"...
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    asic project guidens needed

    i want to do a project in asic design.I am pursuing master degree in vlsi .I have tool cadence simvision for code simulation. I want a project that should be not so small. i need information.. /thanks in advance

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