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Recent content by gelly

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    Help me build an OBD II scanner for reading diagnostics from auto computers

    16f84 obd hi, what a shame that they don't give the .hex file for the 16f84 :( does anybody knows where to dl it ? greetz, gelly
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    need help with my first PIC program

    fuses hi, in the prog u listed above, i dont see any 'reset-watchdog-timer' instruction result is, that the pic will keep resetting itself in a loop after the watchdog is reached his time , after xxx ms therefore, when programming in picallw, disable watchdog timer ! that is a mistake very...
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    3 phase motor variable speed

    regulator hi i think that building/designing your own inverter is not that simple and it is not worth a try because of the costs... example; inverter Lenze type 8200 series or ev82 vector series costs about 200 euro and have a lot of feutures input = 230vac output 3 phase almost all is...
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    Problems with rotary encoder project

    encoder hi 2000, i finally uploadet an image of quadrature encoder. hope this image is clearing up a bit. ( i'ts just a scratch draw of principle ) hxxp://www.angelfire.com/freak/gelly/encoder_mouse.jpg about the problem u just having... cant say mutch, because of too less info on whole...
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    Fast Prec I to V - problem with noise

    noise hi normally 12 bit is at the edge for a scale of 1000 (for na values). -did u decouple the i/v output voltage with small ceramic condenser ? -are your measuring wires not too long ? -try to 'transport' that signal with a thin coax cable (schield grounded 1 s.) -decouple your i/v...
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    How does the mouse know if its going forward or backwards?

    encoder hey guys, stick to the point when the man wants some info, just try to help and dont explain him the optical mouse technology. the question was about an dc motor and encoder. well, about the fotocells, they are fitted in one housing and 'looks' like 1 thing that supposed to be the...
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    How does the mouse know if its going forward or backwards?

    mouse hi if u go to the link i gave before, u'll understand.... u have 2 sqware waves, the 2 waves are shifted 90° (mechanicly, by moving the 1st fotocel 1/4 wave further than the 2nd fotocel) if u see this picture (imaginary) in front of you.... than u can say... if upgoing edge 1st fotocel...
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    How does the mouse know if its going forward or backwards?

    mouse wheel hi actually, the mouse have 2 axes (x and y) if u remove the ball, u'll see 2 axes and 1 or 2 wheels to close up the ball. the encoder is a quadrature encoder type like used un feedback motors like servo...(only dubble made) for further encoder info (details ) see link below...
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    Video and voice wireless transmitter

    try this link h**p://www.nvlsi.no/Datablad/RF_overview_frame2.htm think there u'll find something suitable something else u can try; (depends on witch range u desire) an video modulator ( everyone has an old broken VCR somewhere in the howse, atleast, i dont throw sutch things away) -mostly...
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    pic16f877 in circuit programming

    pic16877 in circuit programming using low voltage mode, is the same as losing the pin rB3 i/o. so, i dont like it either.... otherwise, using standard high voltage mode could be done, when u use a voltage switcher on the mclr pin, combined with a analog switch 4066 on the rb7, rb6 pin. this...

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