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Recent content by geekay

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    Back plane board details

    HI Biju, Thanks for the valuable reply.. i am using cadence 16.2v, i want to know how to make back drill and what are the procedure's we need to follow .. Thanks and reagards Geekay
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    Back plane board details

    Hi.. Could any one please help me.i want to know before start the cad what are the rules we have to follow for back plane board. If any one having details about the back plane board documents please share here... :) Thanks Geekay
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    Cadence Allegro SPB 16.0

    Hi quattro, If you want to generate solder resist for irregular shaped pad means. You can use Edit -> Zcopy option. Thanks Geekay
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    Error when running skill files after installing Allegro 16.2

    Ever since I installed the 16.2 software I cannot get any skill programs to work. I haven't changed anything else and all of my skill stuff was working great until this new installation. Is there some new setting I need to change? Allegro.ilinit file is in my pcbenv directory and all of the...
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    How to Route the Speaker signals in PCB

    Hi... Just u route like diff pair.. regards geekay
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    What type of formate can we import the net list in allegro16

    Allegro netlist formate Hai All, I want to know what type of the formate we can import the net list in allegro16.2v. Thanks Geekay
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    manually placement problem

    Hai All, i am using allegro 16.2v. My problem is when i trying to place the component manually in my board file i couldn't able to place the component . i got Error message like "program has encountered a problem and must exit. The database will be saves (if applicable). obtain the latest...
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    need help for Via dropping method

    Hi Karesz, Thanks for the reply. Now i am Reduced the Pad size 16 mils to 13 mils pad. so we have a 10.3 mils air gap between the Staggered pin's. Now i can take the inner layer traces from the BGA inside pin's,but i need to put the via's(8 mils drill and 12 mils pad size) on pad. if i put...
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    skill file run Error - help needed

    Re: skill file run Error hi Ihademmor, please find the file's
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    need help for Via dropping method

    Hi Karesz, in our pcb manufacture least dril szie is 8 mils. in this case how can i put the micro via's in between the Bga pad's. if u pit the via's on BGA pad's i cannot take the traces from inside of the BGA pin's. because the BGA pin pitch is very less (.419) 16.5 mils and the BGA pin to...
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    need help for Via dropping method

    Hai everyone, i am using the intel proccessor .424 MM pitch Fbga this is the Different type of pin array's can any one please suggess me how the via's put inside of the BGA and what is the Via Size?. i here attached the intel Fbga foot print PIC.PDF thanks geekay.
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    skill file run Error - help needed

    skill file run Error hai Ihademmor, I didn't get what You asking that local folder... which file's you want?
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    skill file run Error - help needed

    Re: skill file run Error Hi lhademmor, Still i am getting same problem "E- Command not found: conv" . my Allegro tool is installed in C drive and my board file are saved in E Drive. Thanks Geekay
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    skill file run Error - help needed

    Re: skill file run Error Hi Ihademmor, still i am getting error in allegro tool . i hare attached my allegro.ilinit file . please look that file and give your comments.

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