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Recent content by gdhp

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    A question about the Sigmadelta ADC using the Richard Schreier Tools

    Hi all I have a puzzle when using the Sigmadelta ADC design tools by Richard Schreier. For the function of SynthesizeNTF, with a argument of 'H_inf', which is the maximun out-of-band gain of NTF. For 1-bit, maybe Lee-rues can used, that H_inf=1.5; While for multi-bits, How to set the value of...
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    I need a paper, who can send to me?

    Miller compensation using current buffers in fully differential CMOS two-stage operational amplifiers Hurst, P.J.; Lewis, S.H.; Keane, J.P.; Aram, F.; Dyer, K.C.; Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Univ. of California, Davis, CA, USA This paper appears in: Circuits and Systems I...
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    A question about 2-1-1 1bit MASH Sigma-Delta adc!

    thanks JoannesPaulus for your reply. As you said, if i use the data from 160u~170u, the fft result is also not correct. By now, i haven't found the reasons. Whether due to the opamp? or just because simulation data number is not much enough? Thanks Added after 2 minutes: another i only add...
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    A question about 2-1-1 1bit MASH Sigma-Delta adc!

    can some give some suggestions? By now, i think maybe it is due to the opamp stability. Can someone give some? Thanks
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    A question about 2-1-1 1bit MASH Sigma-Delta adc!

    Hi everyone I met a question in the designing the mash sigmadelta adc. In my design, it is a 2-1-1 mash, every stage has 1-bit flash. I use the scaling factor as in book(cascade sigma delta adc for sensor and telecom). I have finished the schematic, and is doing the spectre...
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    About the Balun application!

    Hi I use the balun to transfer the single signal to two differential signals. But i met a problemn. When i input a 1M sinewave, the differential signals are ok. When the input signal frequency increase to beyond 5M, the output differential signals are almost the same, not differential...
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    Question:Input Offset voltage of OPAMP of S/H of pipeline AD

    op amp input offset Hi guys I have a question about the pipeline adc. In behaviour model of pipeline adc, every issue is ideal except the OPAMP offset voltage of OPAMP in SH. When i set the offset voltage of opamp in SH 2mV, the enob is about 8.8bit (9.9bit at all ideal issue). Here i am...
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    Question about the PSRR the frequency range

    About the PSRR Thanks DDRR. Can you explain it in detail? Our production is used for consumer electronics. So what is it? Thanks
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    Question about the PSRR the frequency range

    About the PSRR Hi all a puzzle about the psrr. When we consider the PSRR of ompap or bg, what is the frequency range we should be attention? 0~1M is ok? why? Thanks Donghui
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    About the relationship between pole/zero and settling time

    Hi LvW the loop BW is as (BW_OPEN*Feedback), it is that all other high frequency pole/zero are all high than 3BW Added after 17 minutes: leo_o2 The schematic is full-diff two-stage opamp,with first stage is foldedcascode, the second is common souce stage. Thanks
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    How to simulate thermal noise in SC circuits?

    capacitor thermal noise I use the hspice to simulate the thermal noise. First i run the transient simulation,then save the DC work point at the phase in close-loop. Then run a AC noise simulation use the DC point above, than can get the total noise.
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    About the relationship between pole/zero and settling time

    Hi all I am designing a Sample hold opamp with cascode compensation. I have known the opamp has a pole and a zero very near. So in order to decrease the influence on settling time of doublet, i push this doublet far away from the loop BW(about 3*BW), And other high fre poles and zeroes are all...
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    a problemn of ADC simulation with Hspice.

    Thanks JoannesPaulus for your reply. Can you explain the "numerical noise"? From our test results, the 0.1ns step simulation results are more near to the test results. Anyone has the experience to simulate the SNR of ppadc? thanks

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