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    How to do LVDs <-> LVTTL signal conv with FPGA???

    ibufds_lvds_25 ALL xilinx vertex types and I beleive spartan 2 and 3. I know that on the vertex, there are "sectioned" IO reference pins that allow a group of IO pins to be set to a specific voltage. you can change some or all Pins to several different voltage protocols. I personally have...
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    What's the A in PIC16F628A stands for?

    pic 16f628a From my experience, It means Mostely that they revised the DIE and they usualy add a little more flexability in the configuration words and sometimes even functionality. Generally they are cheaper than the non "A" version and have been always drop-in and code compatable. That is...
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    Microprocessor interfacing with TCP/IP

    the w3100a chip is an ASIC that handle all of the low level interface for you. they provide source code drivers that are designed to look like winsock. very easy to use.
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    Spartan XCS05 XL free software ?

    spartan-xl synthesis Not to be sarcastic , but I have spent the last year doing several designs on SpartanXL with ISE4.2 {not 4.1 oops} and I am actively working on a designright now using the xcs10xl-4tq144 with ISE 4.2sp3, in FGPA express. What ISE 4.2 does not support for new designs is...
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    Spartan XCS05 XL free software ?

    spartan 4k Not really a true statement about Spartan XL passing away. Xilinx says that ISE4.1 sp3 is the LAST rerlease to support this chip along with the others that are missing in ISE5. They will continue to produce these parts as long as sales are good and have removed them from new...

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