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  1. g86

    Is RF bad for health?

    Eye is RF sensitive. Body parts may show lens effects. https://www.jpier.org/PIERM/pierm35/04.14010703.pdf
  2. g86

    implementing resistor in IE3D

    In mgrid add two local ports at the place of resistor. Simulate it. open modua. add the simulated results block in modua and add resistor to the appropriate port. re simulate in modua. g86
  3. g86

    [SOLVED] need your comment abt the result of an antenna

    frequency 9.2 ghz ------------------ (OK, check for freq sweep) incident power = 0.01(W) --------------------- (OK) radiation effeicency 36.42% ------------------- (Poor, Check dielectric loss) antenna effiency 36.36% ---------- (Poor, Check dielectric and other losses) gain 5.29 dbi...
  4. g86

    Selecting mesh size in CST Microwave Studio

    you may start with 1/10 rule (10 cells per wavelength of maximum frequency) but which may not converge to correct result. After initial simulation see what is happening at that minimum dimensional part. if you see major variation of field current near the minimum dimensional part then you may...
  5. g86

    coupler output port is not 90 degree

    Maybe due to port extensions and frequency shift.
  6. g86

    [SOLVED] design of rectangular patch using ie3d

    Open Mgrid 1) Go to Entry>Rectangle Draw Patch 2) Go to Advanced Edit> Dig Rectangular hole Dig a big hole 3) Go to MEntry>Rectangle Now draw internal patch
  7. g86

    IE3D - how to cut slot on the ground plane?

    For infinity gnd plane anything drawn on it will be treated as a slot. For finite gnd just cut slot like top patch.
  8. g86

    implementing resistor in IE3D

    You have to take help of modua to include resistor.
  9. g86

    Thank you / New look and feel OF EDA board

    Re: sorry dont like it Good job. Thank to all our technical experts. :?::!::grin:
  10. g86

    Looking for elliptic filter design

    Can anybody post close form design equations for elliptic filter here. Thank you.
  11. g86

    doubt about mobile phones antenna

    Now antenna is housed inside the phone cover.
  12. g86

    Broadband Impedance Matching network

    Here diode characteristics for for the whole band is required to solve the impedance matching problem. You may try to use zmatch h t t p://w w w. zzmatch. com/ .
  13. g86

    Re: Converting inductance to microstripline

    Re: Converting inductance to microstripline If load is close to zero then inductance≈j\[Z_o\]tanβl. Otherwise better to use a simulator.
  14. g86

    microstrip patch antenna design

    Electrical lengths can be expressed in terms of wavelengths. Line lengths can add phase shifts and be expressed in terms of degrees. For example quarter wavelength is λ/4 ≡ 90°. :D
  15. g86

    Mounting NTFS Drives on Linux

    try ntfs-3g :!::?::idea:

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