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    direction of arrival estimation

    hi all anybody got a document explaining the direction of arrival estimation method for smart antenna as all what i got from search is too complex i really wanna understand it , so as to start simulating it using matlab thanks all
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    what is rake receiver?

    rake receiver ppt hi all can one help me, what is rake receiver??
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    What is the linear output pin in RF module ?

    RF module problem i have an RF module, it workd perfect, but in the receiver there is a pin called linear outpt,does anybody know what is it?
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    What company sells QAM transmitters?

    qam transmitter? hi all does anybody knows a company that sells rf module with modulation type QAM ( 16 or 64 or 256 )
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    What company sells QAM transmitters?

    qam transmitter? hi all does anybody knows a company that sells rf module with modulation type QAM ( 16 or 64 or 256 )
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    Need abbreviations and acronyms of GSM,CDMA,WCDMA etc.

    Re: abbriviations gsm:global system for mobile communications cdma: code division multiple access wcdma: white cdma tcp:transmission control protocol udp:user datagram protocol best regards
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    Differences between a hub and a switch

    advantages of swithces and hubs why hubs forward always frames? because it is a layer 1 decice,dummy device, donot know any about layer 2 protocols, it just repeats the signal and output it on all the ports again, the ports are electrically shared
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    How to analyze the data received from antennas beam?

    smart antenna hi all i want to design a smart antenna, i want to know a procedure to analyze the data recept to form the beam upon it?
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    matlab( simulink ) question

    hi all is there is a method to get the code of any block of those in the simulink? thanks in advance..
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    about the grating lobe and antenna array element spacing

    it depends on the type of array? linear/planner/circular..
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    rf transmitters and receivers

    i have 2 binary streams I and Q , i want to modulate them using 16 QAM , i.e both on same carrier which is 2.4 ghz but the carriers are orthogonal , i.e sin & cos i hope that i cleared it..
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    rf transmitters and receivers

    hi all i am looking for rf transmitters and receivers using 16 QAM modulation type any body knows a company so i can contact? does any body think that i would need any other thing.. i mean for example would the receiver would include the bpf at its front end?? please help me.. thanks in advance..
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    How to interface 89c51 microcontroller with PC

    microcontroller to pc try first the parallel port instead of the serial just to get used to the interfacing as parallel is easier to understand and in assembly is easier to get data, serial is more complex in acquiring data as you have to wait that buffer is full and respond to the interrupt...
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    Simulink, Signal Processing, Communication demos/tuts

    visit mathworks.com then select user community choose file exchange then select which field is your interest in
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    Looking for scrambler algorithm for wireless system

    Re: scrambler from where i could get the spec.

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