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    Op-Amp Stability From Closed Loop Bode Plot

    Hi, I'm using an op-amp, analog device AD8506 as a unity gain buffer. It will have to drive some capacitance load. From the AC analysis, how do I tell if the system is stable base on the bode plot of the closed loop system? I understand that if you look at the open loop plot and measure the...
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    Class 1 Div 2 Application Alarm - Relay

    Hi all, I'm currently designing an alarm that would trip or reset base on a set point. It is quite straight forward using a microcontroller and a relay. However, it is to be used with class 1 div 2 location. From what I understand thus far, the alarm needed to be hermetically sealed relay...
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    Who is the manufacturer of this IC?

    Awesome, thanks a lot. I figured it's a Chinese company, but just don't know a US cross for it.
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    Who is the manufacturer of this IC?

    Hi all, I'm trying to fix a mini netbook and I've determine that this IC has gone bad. However, I am not able to determine the manufacturer of this IC. It has 4466 BA8SK2 on IC and is SOIC-8 package. I believe it is a FET. I have also attached a pix of it. Any help would be appreciated.

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