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  1. firmware

    task switch and semaphore...big confusion

    Task switch by 1) Interupt occur, most of RTOS using timer interrupt for schedule the task, when timer interrupt occur and others high priority task are ready to run it will make a task switch. 2) Calling OS API function, example call OSTimeDly currently running task will be block and kernel...
  2. firmware

    Infra Red Remote control project

    Using an external interrupt plus 1timer, you can decode it by start and stop and read timer data inside an external interrupt routine.
  3. firmware

    how to write I/O ports V850ES/JJ3,32 bit mc μPD70F3

    Try to check on www.necel.com
  4. firmware

    motor speed measurement

    Which type of your motor ?
  5. firmware

    Is it possible to program Zilog z8 without special hardware?

    Zilog z8 uC To finding it on data sheet.
  6. firmware

    Redarding serial receiver and transmitter

    I'm suggest you to use the serial interrupt and buffer to receive the serial data. It is better.
  7. firmware

    Preemptive RTOS Design Help

    rtos design Looking at www.freertos.org
  8. firmware

    The description of WinAVR functions

    winavr Visit at avrfreaks.net, then post your question in AVR forum, many people can help you.
  9. firmware

    PIC based traffic lights for a small race track

    Traffic Light If you are using Keil C compiler, they have an example for Traffic Light control by using RTX_TINY RTOS, it is very good example.
  10. firmware

    best way of counting pulses from opto sensor

    dspic counting pulses int0 I think using input capture pin is better.
  11. firmware

    How to write a C program to make blinking LED with 1 sec delay?

    Blinking LED Try to use interrupt timer interval, then you can put a blinking of LED inside a interrupt service routine.
  12. firmware

    How to write a C program to make blinking LED with 1 sec delay?

    Re: Blinking LED #include <reg51.h> void timer0_init( void ); /******************************************************************************/ /* Define area */...
  13. firmware

    Control the dimming of lights using microcontroller

    fan dimmer using 8051 We are call this method " Phase controller ", by you must have a reference signal from AC source 50Hz or 60Hz, the connect this signal to your microcontroller external interrupt pin for reference to make the phase control signal. Using the timer to on and off the control...
  14. firmware

    decoding the Infra Red remote control by using atmel 2051

    remote controlling 2051 Using an external interrupt plus one timer. By start and stop timer counting when the IR signal come to the external interrupt pin.
  15. firmware

    Problem with the NEC emulator

    One thing I would like to tell you, this is a good tools. Currently I'm use it in my job.

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