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Recent content by finsiherfish

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    Serial and chain simulation ATPG.

    Edit to First question: Is the serial is done to test the timing of the scan chain shift. which chain test fail to provide??
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    Serial and chain simulation ATPG.

    Hello, I know in ATPG chain simulation is done to test integrity of scan chains and serial is done to test correctness shifting. My question is while checking of chain itself, if there is any problem with shifting of data. it will fail right? then what is need of doing serial simulation?
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    Shadow path causing parallel simulation to fail. Serial is passing.

    Hello, I'm new to ATPG simulation debug. I heard from my colleague saying there is some kind of shadow path, because of that parallel simulation is failing but serial is passing. Can anyone please give me an idea of what is shadow path and how it will effect the parallel simulation. Regards...
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    Mentor DFT tool- supra ATPG- EDT patterns

    Hello, Can someone tell me difference between EDT short chain patterns and EDT bypass patterns. thanks, Vinay
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    How to debug pattern mismatch during simulation of SOC level patterns- DFT

    Hello All, I am a beginner in DFT field so can anyone elaborate in detail steps to how to debug a pattern mismatch during ATPG simulation at SOC level - ( I know a couple of types of simulations Readback and TorteSim) and please let me know any common mismatches you see regularly. Thanks

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