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    N-bit processor and ALU in MCU

    Hi Klaus, What I am trying to prove it here is the bit size of a processor means the width of ALU not the data bus width!! is that correct definition for bit size of processor? like 8-bit processor means - 8bit ALU inbuild 16-bit processor - 16bit ALU or other way, An N-bit processor...
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    N-bit processor and ALU in MCU

    Hi, So 1. the bit size of a processor means the ALU width?? and ALU width is the same width as the CPU's internal registers!! 2. the "size" of a processor is not really the width of its data bus? For example, the 8088 was a 8 bit bus version of the 8086, but both were considered "16 bit"...
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    N-bit processor and ALU in MCU

    Thank you for the reply. 1. Yes internal data bus width is same as register bit width. 2. means the processor size and ALU size are same? if 16 bit processor ALU can process data in the range 0-65535 ? correct me if I am wrong! Regards,
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    N-bit processor and ALU in MCU

    Hello Everyone!! 1. Can anyone explain what is the meaning of an N-bit processor? whether its data bus width is N-bits or its the width of the internal general purpose data register? 2. How can you link a N-bit processor with processor ALU? whether its ALU width is N-bits? Thanks in advance.
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    Baud rate and bit rate

    Hi freaks, What’s The Difference Between Bit Rate And Baud Rate? Regards,
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    [SOLVED] Timer delay and minimum delay

    Thanks friend for your quick reply value to be filled in Timer’s 16 bit register = FFFF – 2DC6 = D239 why did you doing this calculation ?
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    [SOLVED] Timer delay and minimum delay

    Hi Friends, How to predicit a minimum timer delay for each microcontrollers? how to use set 1sec timer delay in pic18 processor? Thanks in advance!

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