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Recent content by fdiblen

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    Looking for info about RFID programming

    Anyone having information about rfid programming?
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    How to install the communications and control packages for GNU Octave on Ubuntu?

    Re: Octave under ubuntu What do you mean with extra packages? chack the octave's web page: https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/
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    Have anyone use AMD Opteron 2000 Processor?

    Yes i have.I am using slackware linux
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    Problem install cadence in CentOS 4.5

    centos cadence where do you see this message? It may be kernel problem.Choose different kernel
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    How to install the communications and control packages for GNU Octave on Ubuntu?

    Re: Octave under ubuntu use synaptic package manager and search what you want. You can check https://packages.ubuntu.com
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    centos 44 can not find RT8169 net card

    first try one of the live cds to check if you have a hardware problem
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    unix shell scripting newbie

    http://www.cyberciti.biz/nixcraft/linux/docs/uniqlinuxfeatures/lsst/ **broken link removed** http://steve-parker.org/sh/sh.shtml http://linuxgazette.net/133/cherian.html
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    How to convert ASCII file to TEXE in Octave on Linux?

    Re: Hello Please help me texe or exe? if you meant exe it only exist in windows not linux...
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    Where can I get the SRD model for ADS?

    Re: request can you ask more detaileed?
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    Easy PIC'n, A Beginner's Guide to Using the PIC Microcontrol

    Newbie PIC book? Hi all.Can you suggest me PIC book?Not just programming also designing a pic circuits etc. at beginner level. Thanks
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    What is the best DVD burning program on Linux?

    Re: DVD burning Yes K3B is the best.Also you can use console based programs such as cdrecord
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    Which Linux is best for Programming and experimenting?

    try one of the live distribution... good luck...
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    Cellphone interfacing

    valid for nokia 3310?
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    Emission Spectroscopy

    Anyone knows a source about emission spectroscopy?(e-book,webpage etc.) Thanks

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