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Recent content by faiz khan

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    Serial data transmission from matlab

    I want to send MATLAB simulink block output data through serial port and display it on LCD.Can anybody help me with the procedure how to get output value from block and send serially through the port. thank you
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    XBEE Module cheap and best

    I am planning to buy xbee modules for my project,which is based on getting data from MATLAB simulink model and sending through Xbee and want to display at user end (other end).I want to know about best module which will be suitable for my project.Also mention if any other software if required to...
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    Matlab simulink model interfacing to xbee

    Hi friends, I have Matlab simulink model which i want to interface with external Xbee module through USB for reading data and sending.Can you tell me whether its possible to interface.If yes please tell me procedure or help me with the code. thank you.
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    pic program for zigbee

    The model which you sent is not running and showing fatal error what might be the reason can tell me ??
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    Efm32fgg390 uart initialization

    What are parameters and the values needed to be set for UART initialization in EFM32FGG390 microcontroller.And what are registers to be configured???
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    Otg cable interfacing

    is it necessary that both the devices support OTG for interfacing?
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    Otg cable interfacing

    How to interface two devices both having mini usb connectors using OTG??
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    Voltage level shifter

    I build a level shifter (3.3v -2.5v) using resistors.can you suggest me which optocoupler will be suitable for isolation purpose at this voltage level?
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    I am having MATLAB SIMULNK Model. I want to interface it with proteus for reading data using PIC and display in LCD.Whether its possible to interface like that???
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    pic program for zigbee

    can you send the working file?
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    pic program for zigbee

    The file you provided is working fine.But i dont think its xbee implementation .it is direct connection... For Xbee seperate library exists in proteus,do u know how to program pic to communicate through that module
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    pic program for zigbee

    i mean the file is not opening in proteus ...both the files are not opening and proteus is automatically closing
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    pic program for zigbee

    this file is not opening....can you send me working file
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    pic program for zigbee

    i am using mikroc compiler,pic16f877a and crystal frequency is 8MHZ
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    pic program for zigbee

    Thanks.can u provide me the code to read values and transmit through zigbee by pic...and other side pic will read that values through zigbee receiver and should display in lcd

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