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Recent content by faisal_m786

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    What's the difference between MatLab and Labview?

    Re: MatLab vs Labview Well according to me matlab is a good calculation tool and lab view is more friendly with simulations, data accusation and GUI development. You hake to work and code a hell lot of more in matlab to develop a gui while you always develop it in labview with a lot of fun :)
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    small student project for beginner help me

    Well i have a buch of ideas for you. Just let me know are you willing to do digital electronics or analog and i'll forward you some stuff
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    USB to RS232 converter problem

    I am having serious problem using USB to RS232 converter many devices (such as serial port PIC Programmers etc.) are not detected easily. Can any one help me what might be the problem...
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    Interfacing SIM300DZ and GPS Holex M89 with PIC18

    I am tring to make an AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) using SIM300DZ GSM Module and Holex M89 GPS Module via a PIC18 u-controller can anyone help me implimenting at commands? Has anyone done a similar project before...Kindly help Thanks :|
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    USB PIC Programmer Schematic Needed

    I need a schematic (with its software) for a tested USB PIC programmer. I do have serial controlled programmers but they dont work with my laptop :cry: I request you to reply ASAP Thanks :idea:
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    Controlling SIM300DZ via PIC 18

    Does any one has an idea of controlling GSM Module Sim300DZ via PIC18 u-controller e.g. to send SMS to a specific number etc. If any one has done this please share this information with me. Thanks :D
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    Please Explain this RF Circuit

    I have worked on different type of cell phone jammers but all have VCOs which produce a disturbing signal I found this very different circuit on the internet please have a look **broken link removed** but no specific details are given, can anybody explain how this works Thanks Faisal
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    Looking for a comprehensive GSM jammer schematic

    ftopic104586.html Hi there, I have been conducting research on Jammers (wideband) including GSM, DCS, PCS, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. (Mainly from 60-2500 MHz) for the past one year. If you have any problems contact me in spscific at faisal_m786@yahoo.com :)
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    wide range VCO control circuitary

    vco control I have different VCOs and most of them have a different operating and tuning voltage, I want to control the combined region of the VCOs i.e eg if I have 3 VCOs from 50-100, 100-250, 250-500 I want a control circuitary by which I can sweep all the region, as well as if a user...
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    Generateing Analog Voltage for VCO

    I want to generate an analog Output using a PWM, resolution 10bit->filter->DC Voltage which I want to feed into a VCO any recommendation plz??

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