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Recent content by fabiodeng

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    where to find the document about modelsim?

    i have printed version from mentro graphic . ( english textbook : 1400 pages ) . I am in bei jing .
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    Does someone here know about CAM ?

    Dear All : Is it possible to find some documents on CAM furnished by a foundry ? Does cam itself support dirty bits and valid bits ? If i decided to replace a certain cache line with fresh data , how to manipulate cam to do so ? Is there a reference model...
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    Implementing cache algorithm for DSP chipset in Verilog

    cache algorithm dear all : recently i need to design a good cache algorithm for a small DSP chipset , I have no clue on which one is the best choice and the cost ( the trade off ) . Of course , I have even learnt the course : computer architect : quantative...

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