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    Square Function in Matlab

    I have write the followings. My target to have a square wave, where y=0 at 0<=x<=30, y=1 at 30<=x<=60 and y=0 at 60<=x<=100. x = 30:0.1:60; y = square(2*pi*25*x,100); plot(x,y) but it only works at 30<=x<=60 anybody can help this?
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    connect Microcontroller PIC PIC16F877 to PC via rs232

    Yes, GrandAlf is correct. U need to do some conversion on the signal level. one it, u may use MAX232 to interface from ur RS232 port to your PIC. Can check on the hardware connection, you may need around 4 capacitors. Then Tx and Rx line to the uC. Inside the programming, try UART to test the...
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    connect Microcontroller PIC PIC16F877 to PC via rs232

    what i understand is when u send a char, u get replied exactly the same char also. also to take note, baud rate.
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    connect Microcontroller PIC PIC16F877 to PC via rs232

    i also work on similar thing. for rs232, it is quite straight forward.
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    Serial Interface PC to PIC GUI

    Re: PIC, I2C and EEPROM Problem on writing any/all address at a time. Write/Read continuously.
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    Need help to clarify USB 1.1 compliance & USB 2.0 compat

    2.0 device is backward compatible with usb 1.1 if 2.0 device connected to 1.1 ports, it will display port connected is not high speed and will run at reduced speed.
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    PDF File Modification - is there any way ?

    PDF File Modification acrobat is doing fine for me.
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    pls help me an interfacing EEPROM with microcontroller

    get a microcontroller, do the programming for it to write and read eeprom.
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    Serial Interface PC to PIC GUI

    PIC, I2C and EEPROM yes, done with the read/ write. but trouble on writing to any address.
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    new to robotics -help with C coding to control motors needed

    u can try downloading mikroC pro for pic. then u can check on the library. on using PWM.
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    a robot car that avoid from obstacles

    have u check on the link that i gave you?
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    Need help for final year project

    u need to do all? speed, vibrate and angle? if yes u can go on placing a sensor on vehicle tires.
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    thats a wonderful idea. but in terms of cost saving, i don't think that reprint it with combinations of color and make them blank again is considered cost saving. we save paper, but we waste on ink.
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    [SOLVED] which is the cheep and best sensor for object dectation

    https://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=242 check on this. they have plenty of IR at affordable price.
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    16f877a with EEPROM thru I2C

    Hi, I'm having problem with my code I used mikroC compiler. using uart terminal, i could not get the response as being sent. i only get 0xFF

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