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Recent content by esrahul

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    How to use some Max620 for 24V DC motor?

    max620 can drive up to 16.5V
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    Allegro PCB Editor - New Footprint

    drawing size allegro 16.2 Hi all, I am using Allegro PCB Editor 16.2. I was trying to create a new foot print in allegro pcb editor. The steps that I found in some tutorials are 1. File -> New. In the "Drawing Type" Select Package Symbol 2. Click on Setup, "Drawing Size" - enter the desired...
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    Text Editing in Allegro PCB Editor

    allegro pcb editor skill Hi I am new in allegro PCB Editor. I have converted some of my Layout Libraries in to allegro PCB editor for my new PCB. I have placed and routed my board and mean while some of the component reference text are found miss aligned. Rotate command is not active while...
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    Information about BIST and MBIST

    Re: BIST The same same document that he mensioned
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    Looking for info about test coverages

    Re: Test Coverage can you recomend me about some documents or articles about test coverage that is available in www thank you
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    VLSI Simulation in PSPICE AD

    I would like to add my VHDL Design as a Component in PSPICE and Simulate it with the help of already available models. I assigned the VHDL file to an Hierarchical Model. But during simulation its failed to give the output, thd default output was xx. I think I made mistake on giving supply for...
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    Looking for info about test coverages

    Can I get some information about test coverages, such as code coverage, line coverage, functional coverage.. I would also like to know how these can be done to design test plans to verify an SOC? Thank you

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