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    Cadence CDB and OA issue

    I'm trying to open schematics from a library made on "cadence 6" on "cadence 5141" and i get this error "*WARNING* ddMapGetFileViewType: You are trying to run a CDB executable on an OA library file 'sch.oa'. The file is in library '******' in cell '******' in view 'schematic'. You must run an...
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    Mixer Linearity formula

    I'm trying to get the linearity expression of my circuit to use it in the design and to check simulation results .. what is the best method to get it ... and do you recommended any paper or book ?!?!
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    Mixer cinversion Gain PSS&PAC

    to get the mixer conversion gain I've tried the single tone test and pss and evaluated the gain ... now i want to evaluate it using PSS and PAC using some tutorials but I've got weird results ... so do you recommend a good tutorial for this simulation
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    Cadence tsmc 130nm (question) !

    I'm using Cadence with tsmc 130nm technology file ... and it's my first time ... now I'm facing a weird problem i have built a very simple circuit (an NMOS with its drain connected to the gate in series with an ideal current source between VDD and GND) I'm trying to apply the famous saturation...
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    Flicker Noise Corner Frequency

    ok , now i decided to use CMOS technology .. still don't know based on what should i specify flicker noise corner.
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    Flicker Noise Corner Frequency

    what do you mean by (type of active device) ?!? do you mean the technology used in design ??! or what !! and does it have any rule ,or it's just by experience !!
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    Flicker Noise Corner Frequency

    according to what should i select "flicker noise corner frequency" that should be achieved in my system blocks design ?!
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    Rf mixer references !

    look .. I'm in the beginning of my design (+ It's my first time) and I need a good reference book explaining different mixer design and design issues ... to select the appropriate design for my application.
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    Rf mixer references !

    I'm designing Rx mixer (active or passive not decided yet).. the frequency will be around 2 to 3 GHz
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    Rf mixer references !

    HI, I'm designing an RF MIXER .. i need to know what are the best reference in mixer circuit level ... any Suggestions or recommendations !?
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    RF specification distribution

    thanks a lot for your help
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    RF specification distribution

    ok thanks :) ---------- Post added at 17:06 ---------- Previous post was at 16:54 ---------- Dear Jim it is for academic purposes .. so could you please give me more clarification on the second point
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    RF specification distribution

    Dear Goldsmith i'am designing an RF system and i've obtained the overall system requirements from the standard (e.g the overall wanted gain) now i need to distribute that gain to the system blocks but i need to know "based on what !!" (or what is the efficient method used in distributing it)...
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    RF specification distribution

    after obtaining the overall system specifications (Gain , NF ,IIP3 , ...) now i want to start distributing them (from overall specs. to block specs.) what is the best method for doing that ?? ... or could you please suggest a good reference. thanks in advance

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