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Recent content by Elias Novaes

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    Looking for tutorial for CSiEDA in English or French

    csieda softwares olá mrs... I am the search of a tutorial one of the CSiEDA in English or French... some of the forum would have disponible , please contate me eliasnovaes@bol.com.br or eliasnovaes@gmail.com thanks
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    Simple PCB layout software to use

    pcb wizard is exelent for small circuits . Added after 5 minutes: made unfinished project with circad 4.20 ....
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    Link to Circad 4.20 software

    circad 4.20 the circad 4.2 this disponible download here ..... https://s58.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2CF4CBCTGJJVP24Q379N1RVL3P Elias
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    Simple PCB layout software to use

    hi Antonio ... the circad 4.20 is exelent . Elias Novaes

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