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    Capture/Simulink SLPS interface: error with slpsblk

    Hi, I'm trying to use the SLPS interface with OrCAD 16.0 and Matlab 7.0 or R2012a (or any Matlab version). My OS is Windows 7 (64 bit, but Matlab 7 should be 32 bit). I created a very simple simulink mdl file with an SLPS block and I followed the slps user guide in ...\doc\slps\slpsug.pdf...
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    [Need article] Velocity-saturated characteristics of short-channel MOSFETs

    Velocity-saturated characteristics of short-channel MOSFETs (1984) G W Taylor AT&T Bell Labs Technological Journal vol. 63 no. 7 In my university they have vol. 63, but only 'til no. 6 :evil:
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    Transistor equation solving

    I assume kn = mun * Cox; if this is the case, the expression for the short channel saturation current is wrong, since it has not to be divided by 2L. (or it is not a current, dimensionally). Moreover, remember that it's just an approximation valid for L->0.
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    need help for BSIM parameters on Agilent ADS

    ads agilent help If you don't have a design kit, then I'm sorry, but you'll have to copy by hand the parameters. Come on, it is mandatory to do that at least once in your lifetime! (it takes 5 minutes...)
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    Schottky Diode Free Mode in charge pump circuit(DC/DC)

    pump circuit Use of Schottky diodes is preferable in charge pump circuits because their threshold voltage [tex:178e22369f]V_{\gamma}[/tex:178e22369f] is sensibly lower. Consider that [tex:178e22369f]V_{\gamma}[/tex:178e22369f] affects the voltage pumping gain of the charge pump: the output...
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    measuring input impedance of a RFID tag in ADS

    Input impedance First of all, thanks for your answer. For Z0 you mean 50 ohms? In my circuit, anyway, I don't make use of transmission lines, it is just made of lumped components. And what about S11? It is a two-terminal network, so I believe one should use S12 or S21 instead.
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    measuring input impedance of a RFID tag in ADS

    Input impedance Nobody? Impossible. Maybe the wrong section?
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    measuring input impedance of a RFID tag in ADS

    Input impedance I have to measure the input impedance variation (with frequency) of a RFID tag (a simple circuit) from the antenna's terminals (call them in1 and in2). How should I do this in ADS? I tried with a termination between the inputs and with a HB simulation, but I get weird results...
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    Schottky Diode Free Mode in charge pump circuit(DC/DC)

    charge pump circuit design The Nmos and Pmos are the Pull-Down and the Pull-Up af a CMOS inverter. If the control signal is low, the pmos is on, and the DC/DC input power voltage is 3V. If the control signal is high the nmos is on and the DC/DC input power voltage is connected to ground through...
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    how to design the circuit of transistor with saturation

    transistor saturation circuit Suppose \[Q\] is in SAT. Then \[V_{BE}=V_{\gamma}\] and \[V_{CE}=V_{CE_{SAT}}\]. Now suppose the yellow ribbon is \[5V\]. Then \[V_{CE_{SAT}}+R_1 i_C=5\] and \[V_{\gamma}+R_2 i_B=5\] If \[Q\] is in SAT, then \[i_C< \beta_F i_B\], so...
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    Voltage regulator architecture

    site:www.edaboard.com voltage regulator Hi to everybody. Could you suggest me the architecture of a voltage regulator for ICs in BiCMOS (it means I can use MOS transistors and npn BJTs - not pnp) technology? I guess it should be composed by a voltage/current reference and a LDO. Furthermore...
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    BSIM3 and lambda parameter

    bsim3 lambda How do I get the value of \[\lambda\] ( the channel length modulation parameter for MOSFETs), starting from a BSIM3 model? And what about \[N_A\], \[N_D\] (acceptors and donors concentrations) and the \[\gamma\] coefficient for the body effect? Is there a web reference with all of...
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    Editing subnetwork parameters in ADS

    Ok, thanks. The program gets angry when e.g. I assign the value "w" to the parameter w, and it comes out with a message: "Unrecognized variable or expression for parameter", even if I had defined w through the Design Parameters. Anyway, it works, since I created a (working) parametric circuit...
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    Editing subnetwork parameters in ADS

    ads subnetwork I'm designing an IC with MOS transistors in ADS. They have a bulk contact which must be connected to substrate to obtain realistic simulations. This is obtained by using a special element of the design kit called ptap (ntap for pMOS's). This way, every transistor needs a lot of...
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    How to achieve a large resisitor in CMOS process?3Q

    A series of a certain number of diode-connected NMOS transistors is suitable for realizing large resistors. They should have very low \[\left(\frac{W}{L}\right) \], about \[0.24/30 \mu \mbox{m}\]. Furthermore, if you have access to LVT (Low Threshold) or better to ZVT (Zero Threshold) NMOS's you...

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