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    Improve Speed of photovoltaic based Solid State Relay

    by 500khz gate driver , you mean using a timer to generate 500khz and a pulse transformer to isolate and move the power to mosfet ?
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    Improve Speed of photovoltaic based Solid State Relay

    I am in the process of creating a High power Mosfet based SSR. The idea is using a photovoltaic MOSFET driver such as VO1263 (SIlabs have similar IC but it uses CMOS coupling to create the isolated power). However these type of ICs are pretty slow since they provide about 10uA of drive current...
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    Is Axial Gap (pancake) motor better for servo drive applications

    I heard from someone that axial gap /pancake motors (lynch or etek) are better for servo control ( speed and position ) than standard radial flux DC motors. both motors are brushed type . I donot really understand the physics behind this claim , although i know how each one operate. So can...
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    Implementation of BiSS C interface for an encoder

    BiSS C DB3 protocol interface for Absolute encoder is Open Source and Free Communication protocol hardware compatible with SSI interface. And it is used widely in absolute position encoders. However searching for sample codes and implementations yields zero results. Most BiSS master are Closed...
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    Various types of dc motors for traction application

    i am doing a research on which motor is better suited for Small EV or kart conversion using a fixed gear (single stage). the options available are : PMDC , SepEx , Series , BLDC . ( No ac motors ) I have found so many information regarding BLDC motors and their advantages , but no useful info...
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    boost output current of IR2184

    The same can be said for large mosfet module ?
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    boost output current of IR2184

    total gate charge : 2500nC , Vcc =15v , turn on speed required : 1% 20khz = 0.5us then I=Q/t= 2500nC/0.5us=5A . this last equation i am not sure about and i would like you to correct my calculation P=Q*f*I=2500nC * 20000hz * 5A = 0.25 w , or if P=Q*f*V=2500nC*20000hz*15v=0.74w donot know...
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    boost output current of IR2184

    thank u very much ! i have also found app note from diodes zetex for this application :**broken link removed** in page 2 the calculations for the power loss i get that the right part is negligable , but shouldnot the left part be P = Q*f*I right ?? , why is he using (Vcc-vgs/2)*Q*f , and...
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    boost output current of IR2184

    i totally understand bootstrap gate drivers and i have worked with IR21844 and it is a wonderful IC , espically the logic part of the circuit , the only limitation i am facing is the output current . I am now convinced that using complementary npn pnp (in emiiter follower or totem pole might be...
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    boost output current of IR2184

    I am using the IR21844 in half bridge configuration , now i have to modify the circuit for a larger mosfet (2500nC gate charge total) , i would like to boost the output current into 4-5A ( from the original 1.4A) and keeping the same Driver since i donot want to change the logic side of the...
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    LM2576-5.0V Power Supply Problem.

    my advise buy new ICs from mouser or digikey or any good manufacturer and test again
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    LM2576-5.0V Power Supply Problem.

    what ??!! this is a switching regulator , how did u calculate the power dissipation
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    LM2576-5.0V Power Supply Problem.

    maybe the part is damaged due to ESD , since it is mos based IC it should be handled properly check your supplier and how are the components treated
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    mplabx harmony vs stm32cube ( PIC32 cs stm32)

    MPLAB X Harmony vs STM32CUBE ( PIC32 vs stm32 development software) hi everyone after some comparision of chips i have found that both stm32f4 and pic32mz are similar products interms of performance and both support my current and future needs. The question is now a matter of software...
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    Sn754410 ic control dc motor

    the circuits you posted are for (4wire 2 coils) bipolar stepper motor, not dc motor !!!! you can use this IC to drive 2 DC motors ( Permenant magnet dc motor )

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