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Recent content by ehsan_faal

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    How to achieve phase difference from phase respons of a hybrid/Coupler?

    I use this simple Octave code for get the results: %% after removing two first line: s31=load('/home/ehsan/Desktop/CST/s31.txt'); freq=s31(:,1); s31=s31(:,2); s41=load('/home/ehsan/Desktop/CST/s41.txt'); s41=s41(:,2); diffPhase=bsxfun(@minus,s31,s41); I Have any CST in mu ubuntu,and because of...
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    How to achieve phase difference from phase respons of a hybrid/Coupler?

    hi every one. I have 2 txt file that contain phase for s31 and s41 from a 3dB coupler(Hybrid). It must some how give the 90 degree phase difference and when i subtract them i get weird result? could any one give me a clue how to get this result from these files? I must get this : from these...
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    Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Monopulse Slot Antenna Array

    hi all. i want to simulate this paper in CST. i create the model in solid works and import it in CST,but i did not know any about appropriate boundaries for this structure,and also i want to know which setting i must use to get the H-plane sum pattern ans E-plane sum pattern? thank you all
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    Wrong Simulation of this cpw antenna !

    hi there, finally i get this results,i read some document about MWS and this is my result,i found my mistake in mesh setting. already i get two resonance about 3 and 6 GHz that is right but what about the third resonance? can any one help?
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    Wrong Simulation of this cpw antenna !

    in this new simulation i get this results,but i dont get the article results yet. i create two vacum for gap and i used local mesh properties for that. please check this results that . screen shots:
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    Wrong Simulation of this cpw antenna !

    ok,i'll do that. but in generally could u give me a tut tu find appropriate mesh and setting solver's setting for any project?i search alot,and i just get confused!
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    Wrong Simulation of this cpw antenna !

    i use cst for my project,this is my first antenna project and i dont know much about it.before i worked on wideband coupler and filter. however i use boundary condition(open add space,lambda /4),and frequency solver domain. one of my result is here and is not similar to the paper ,please help...
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    Wrong Simulation of this cpw antenna !

    thanks bro,but if i set my model according your advise then which setting(solver type ,mesh, boundary,...) must be set to achieve close result to paper?
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    Wrong Simulation of this cpw antenna !

    hi every one. i want to achieve the result of this paper i cst,bur i cant get even any result cloe to this paper,could any one help to correct my design? please help me,that is urgent
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    Exporting equivalent circuit from HFSS for apertured frequency selective surface

    hi.can u give more detail about fss and equivalent circuit?
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    some tutorial about SIW Coupler Design

    hi i want a full tutorial about designing siw couplers? could any one please help me?
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    Metamaterial & Anisotrpic in CST

    hi all, could any one give me some simulation of any ind of metamaterial in cst? i didn't get anything from Google. but i need to see how can i simulate a cst file which works on meta-material and an-isotropic.
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    HFSS simulation of Transmission Line

    hello whirl7wind77: here's two hfss file for microstrip and strip line which i uploaded those for u. i hope you get the answer!
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    [SOLVED] Why this simple microstrip line in CST & HFSS has different response?

    dear johnjoe i know that too, but i want to know my mistake. thanks for your attention

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