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    Re: Verilog code It is actually not related to Verilog HDL language. It is a constraint attribute for logic synthesis especially Xilinx FPGA XST synthesis. You can search the style of entering the constraints from attached doc.
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    What is JTAG and what are its functions?

    Re: what is JTAG Some of the RISC CPU can also make use of the built-in JTAG port to download program into its on board memory for SW development and debugging. It does not only use for testing connection between chips. Some embedded systems also use it to program its on-board FLASH memory...
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    Where to get the DK Evaluation Suite?

    Re: DK Eval Suite Does anyone want where can I download the DK Eval Suite v4 other than Celoxica? Thx!
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    MC35i GPRS module drivers?

    driver modem gsm mc35i In that case, it should be the GPRS network problem at that moment. Yes, sometimes the service may not be available. May be you can open a Hyperterminal and send AT+CGREG? to check the availability of the GPRS registration is OK or not!
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    MC35i GPRS module drivers?

    atd*98# I'm quit confusing then. Could you state what it doesn't work? At what configure you can connect to GPRS?
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    MC35i GPRS module drivers?

    mc35i linux ATD*99***1# is just requesting GPRS service using CID 1 but you should use service code 98 not 99 to request GPRS IP service, i.e., ATD*98*1# then you should get a "CONNECT" response. It depends on the GPRS/GSM module you're using not the SIM card. Pls. refer to the datasheet of...
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    MC35i GPRS module drivers?

    driver mc35i I don't see it as a problem of the service provider. They're some kind of settings you have to know before you can make use of the GPRS service from the provider. For an embedded system, the only things you have to acquire from the service provider are APN, then 1. Check the dial...
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    MC35i GPRS module drivers?

    siemens mc35i drivers For PC connection, the initialization string AT+CGDCNT=1,"IP","internet" has been set the APN name, "internet" which depends on your operator. Once you setup a dial-up networking adaptor, add this init string to a generic modem driver, let say, "generic 33600bps modem...
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    MC35i GPRS module drivers?

    mc35 driver No, you don't need to set any other things in the MC35i. IP address is assigned by the GPRS network server while port no. of the TCP connection is pre-assigned by the TCP/IP application such as HTTP.
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    SD Card Command and Response?

    sd command and response Thanks! But actually I have been searched using the same wordings and downloaded several docs, but it seems most of them just quote commands while the FORMAL format/bit definition of the responses for each command doesn't include. Any suggestion! Best Regards
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    MC35i GPRS module drivers?

    siemens mc35 driver You just need to add an initialization string during modem initialization such as AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP", "internet" where "internet" is your GPRS access point name. It would return "CONNECT" if it can attach to GPRS network successfully. Then you can start PPP.
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    PIC ICD error in program ID

    Re: PIC ICD Error Which PIC MCU are you using? Did you check that PIC supports ICD? Are you driving the /MCLR pin with RC reset circuit? Try not to connect the C. Added after 2 minutes: Which PIC MCU are you using? Did you check that PIC supports ICD? Are you driving the /MCLR pin with RC...
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    SD and MMC command/response difference?

    Could anyone tell me are there any difference between the command/response of the MMC and SD Card?
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    SD Card Command and Response?

    sd card commands response Anyone has the SD card command and response specification?
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    XDS560 JTAG emulator details?

    xds560 usb Does anyone has the sch., firmware and details of the XDS560 USB emulator?

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