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    EmCos EMCstudio vs CST cable studio

    EMCoS tool has both radiation and susceptibility modeling features for complex cable harnesses, which can be considered in vehicles, aircrafts or so. However I am not sure what do you mean by 'bi-directional' capabilities - in EMCoS tool, as far as I know, you can consider those separately, not...
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    3D spiral inductors simulators, which one ?

    Can you upload such a problem, with which you got this conclusion? It could be another tools can be applied with better success here, but it is difficult to estimate without given specifications.
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    Simulate a known pattern is HFSS??

    Such sources are usualy named 'Radiation Pattern Source' or 'Far Field Source'. These are available in EMCoS EMC Studio, FEKO or CST, I am not sure about HFSS. In each tool you can find in documentation format description. Check out this thread with examples...
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    car mounted-antenna simulation

    Check out these two links with examples of automotive simulations using MoM: EMCoS - Automotive EMC Simulations EMCoS - EMC Studio - Examples + these papers could be interesting for you: **broken link removed** **broken link removed**
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    Wireless Energy Transfer simulation

    It is kind of depends on your further application. You might need to place those coil in specific enironment and see how well they operate there - in such case true EM simulation is the key.
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    Wireless Energy Transfer simulation

    I did similar simulations. The coils are actually antennas, why not?! So, you can really normally simulate this in fullwave EM simulation tool and perform coils optimisation if needed. Here method of moments (unbounded domian) would be preffered, because I expect later on you will move coils...
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    Radiated Emission from 125MHz and their harmonics

    You can try to use microwave absorbers - like some rubber-kind pieces placed over the trace or in the enclosure. Depends on the application.
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    export E and H fields from CST as *.txt files

    Consider you have 101 frequency monitors and you have named those monitors 'Freq=0.5e9', 'Freq=2e9' etc. Then you can use macro to select the results for each monitor in the loop and export the data. See sample below: ==================================================== Sub Main () For...
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    FEKO and input impedance - subtract loading?

    Usually such feature is used to subtract external load you applied at antenna port. Like if for the excitation you have been using [1 V Voltage Source + 50 OHm] then your observed impedance will contain these 50 ohms as well. So, to get impedance of the antebnna itself this one needs to be...
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    method of moment program

    How complex PCBs you are going to test?
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    50MHz VHF Antenna simulation problem.

    Such frequency and dimensions are tough for tools, which use volume meshing and bounded calculation domain. Try MoM tools - there only antenna itself needs to be meshed. Air is free. Can you upload your model, btw?
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    PHD external coupling PCB wave

    What is your problem? I am in similar field.
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    Antenna Design softwares

    EMCoS Antenna Virtual Lab - Method of Moments code
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    Which software is best suited for designing a corrugated horn antenna ?

    It does depend on size. Larger antenna you have - better to use MoM codes. Check this one out - EMCoS
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    Yagi Antenna with Boom in FEKO

    Are you sure that boom and Yagi elemnts are in electrical ontact?! In physical antennas they are seprated usually by dielectric. Do you have more detailed description of the antenna?

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