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    ERP/MRP software specialized for electronic assembly

    ERP/MRP ??? We are looking for a ERP/MRP software witch is specialised for electronic assembly . We have own stock , stock from customer and components witch are supplied when a new production has to be started . Barcodes for each customer ..... Who is happy with his software ?
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    How to get the bill of materials from a ODB++file?

    Re: Bom from ODB++ A couple of weeks ago I started smt preparation . In the past they did all the preparation from bom & pick-place with Excel and verified with drawings from client . It's not easy and always error's . So I'm looking for a better way and think at somekind of software . (I found...
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    How to get the bill of materials from a ODB++file?

    Hello , is there someone who knows how to get bill of materials from a ODB++file ?
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    LO Leakage to RF in mixer [hlp]

    Balanced or double balanced is better or if there is space ....filters
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    PCB push aside software

    Hello , Some days ago I've seen a demo from Cadstar and there was a nice feature where you could from ratnest draw tracks on the board . You could move and push them and DRC was kept in mind . Are there any other (lower cost packages) with this PUSC ASIDE feature ?
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    Relay demagnetization

    Kral , thank you . (I've also asked this to a relay manufacturer and they also told me that the Unom may only decrease to 1/2 Unom for normal operation )
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    Relay demagnetization

    My question is , the relaise voltage of a DC-relay is +/- 10 % of the nominal voltage . example : Unom.=12V >>>>Urelaise=1.5V(relay contact goes open) Temperature influence +/- 30% But what is the influence on long term (after years) of the relaise voltage ? (demagnetiszation of the relay)
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    Which tool can convert BOM-file to a Gerber file?

    Re: BOM2GERBER Converter I work in a +/- small smt assembly company . In most cases we only have the pick and place files for the machines . When I can use this files and link the components to a library(picture) so it would be possible to make a drawing of the assembly ...
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    Which tool can convert BOM-file to a Gerber file?

    I'm searching a tool witch can convert a text file (BOM-file) to a graphic viewer . Input : coordinates X/Y and link to a component (IPCxxx standard) OUTPUT : Gerber Does that excist ?
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    Proteus drill hole clearance

    proteus drill hole When you draw a DRILL HOLE there is no clearance between other layer , with single or multilayer pads no problem . Are there tricks so I can create components witch don't have to be modified after placing on a PCB ?
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    Tool which can detect short circuit on PCB

    I'm searching for a tool witch can detect short circuit on a PCB . Any sugestions?
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    Problem with mosfet circuit - Help please

    The control voltage must go to 24V . With N-channel to ground and the LED's to VCC will it work .

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